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At-Home Valentine’s Day Ideas

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After many days spent lounging on the couch and learning every nook and cranny of your house, another day at home might not sound too exciting. Not so fast! If you’re planning on staying home this Valentine’s Day, we’re here to help you make it a day that stands out from the rest.

With a few unique ideas, some stellar Valentine’s Day flowers, and your loved one in tow, you can have a celebration even Cupid would be proud of. Wondering how your neighbors might spend their Valentine’s? Take a peek at our 2021 Valentine’s Day survey. Whether you’re looking for a day filled with small yet thoughtful moments or packed with large gestures, we can help you make it happen. And with bouquets simplified, you won’t even stress about ordering flowerings.

Prep the House

No matter how you’ll be celebrating the day, one thing is for certain: you need to transform your space! You’ve probably already guessed this, but nothing amps up the romance (or platonic love) in your house quite like farm-fresh flowers. Can you say Valentine’s Day roses?

Even if you’re looking for a non-traditional option like sunflowers or a modern arrangement, we make it easy to order just what you’re looking for. Bouquets simplified means you can spend time doing what really matters — spending time with those you love.

Along with flowers, consider altering the feel of home with some simple mood lighting. Candles and string lights make this easy.

With a house filled with flowers and twinkly lights, it will be hard to wake up on Sunday morning and not feel the love.

Things to Do at Home on Valentine’s Day

Just because you won’t be sipping cocktails in your favorite restaurant or catching a movie in a theater, it doesn’t mean you have to spend the day watching TV at home in your peejays (but if that’s your love language, we aren’t judging). Choose one of the activities below and get ready to enjoy a special day at home.

Get Dancing

When’s the last time you grabbed your partner and boogied the day away? Can’t remember? That’s even more of a reason to get groovin’.

First, set the stage. Push back some furniture to create a space you can really move in. And don’t forget to add some mood lighting and flowers to match. To make this easy, order the perfect pairing of a wildflower bouquet and a scented candle.

Once your dance floor is ready, pick your go-to moves. No matter if you’re freestyling to your favorite tunes or learning a new dance together, smiles will follow.

When your legs are tired and your heart is pumping, take a break. Turn off the lights, enjoy the candlelight, and let your valentine know your love for them is burning strong.

Spend a Day at a (Home) Spa

Need some relaxation in your life? Then bring a spa right to your home and let the day slip away.

If you’re lucky enough to have a bathtub at home, take a relaxing soak. But, you don’t need a tub to create a rejuvenating experience! Just grab a large container, fill it with hot water, add some bath oils, and let your feet take a break. To amp up the romance level, add some rose petals.

While you’re soaking, swap out your protective face mask for a relaxing clay one. Your skin will thank you.

Get Crafty

Break out your creativity and get to work making a treasure that will remind you of the feelings you and your valentine share. To keep your love blooming even after Valentine’s Day is over, weave your flowers into a wreath.

Or order one of your succulent bouquets for a dash of beauty and sprinkle of magic. Not only will these gorgeous arrangements bring a smile to your loved one’s face, but they also provide them with a new plant pal! That’s right, you can plant the succulents to keep you company later.

To prepare for planting, pick out a cute lil’ pot and grab some potting mix ahead of time. Your valentine will be wooed by your great taste and stellar preparation.

Breakfast in Bed

This year Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday. Know what that means? Plenty of time to spend time lazing around in bed. And since a day at home means no reservations to get to or traffic to worry about, you can take your time making a special breakfast.

Ditch the toast and cold cereal for some waffles topped with strawberries or an at-home omelet bar. Pair with a sweet bouquet and Cupid will be calling you up for brunch reservations.

Or if you want to make the morning extra lazy prep an egg casserole the night before. When you wake up on Valentine’s Day morning, jump out of bed to pop it in the oven then head back for some extra sleep or cuddles. The savory smell will lure you out of bed.

Plan a Picnic

Just because it’s chilly outside, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a romantic picnic. Spread out a blanket on the floor, pack a picnic, and bring a bit of spring inside with cheerful blooms or one of our Valentine’s Day plants.

While you’re relaxing, take a moment to dream about what you’re excited about in the months ahead. Hoping to try new recipes together? Want to start a garden? Are you planning to let someone know you care with a Bouq at their door?

No matter your dreams, sharing them with someone else helps them come alive.

Have a Warm and Cozy Snowball Fight

While nailing your Valentine with an ice-cold snowball might not sound like love, stay with us. This fight replaces cold feelings with cozy, playful love.

All you need to get started is some socks (clean ones of course). Roll them up into cozy little sock balls and you’re ready to begin battle.

When you’re all worn out, whip up some mugs of hot chocolate to enjoy with your valentine.

Love at Home

With so many ideas for Valentine’s Day at home, you just might have to celebrate twice!

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