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Valentine’s Day Statistics: 2021 Survey, Facts & Info

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Cupid is not sheltering at home this year, he’s hard at work according to our conversation (heart) with a thousand lovebirds about how they will spend Valentine’s Day. Here are their responses.

❤️ 58% love to be surprised by their Valentine’s Gift or have a partner that likes to surprise them.

❤️ Who can forget Meg Ryan in When Henry Met Sally? 68% of people would rather admit to faking an orgasm than admit they hated a gift. 85% of people said they have never been disappointed by flowers.

❤️ Girls just want to have fun and flowers. 44% believe Galentine’s Day is just as important to celebrate as Valentine’s Day.

❤️ Self-care, don’t care! 25% will buy themselves a gift this Valentine’s Day.

❤️ Pencil it in. More millennials will have flowers delivered than plan on having sex.

Date Night: At Home Edition

People keep adapting this year and will embrace creative ways to make Valentine’s Day special.

Chart - Valentine's activities

Bobby Flay-vor Flav of Love

Most years, dining at your favorite restaurant on V-Day requires a reservation a month or two in advance. This year, in place of dining out, almost 30% of people decided to create a special home-cooked meal.

Don’t Sweat It, Brah

While people won’t be dining out this year, roughly 1 in 10 will put away their sweat pants and loungewear and don their finest digs for a special date night at home.

Reach Between the Crack to Find the Remote

Over 15% will break out the bubbly and enjoy an evening on their couch together. With so many fun streaming options, dim the lights and create a movie theatre at home. Unsure what to watch this Valentine’s Day? Our pick? Full Bloom on HBO Max.

It’s the Thought That Counts

Thoughtfulness trumps splashing the cash. What does your sweetheart love? Kind intentions. Most people prefer a gift that shows thoughtfulness and an understanding of the recipient’s favorites, hobbies, and preferences. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on jewelry to show your loved one they are priceless to you. Be mindful this year and think about the best way to show your affection.

The Element of Surprise

33% want to be surprised by their Valentine’s gifts. And 25% have a partner that loves to surprise them.

How do you surprise your Valentine when you’re both working from home? Simple. Order early. Prepare your flowers and gifts the night before and your loved one will awaken to a beautiful display of love.

You can also create your own tradition and extend the celebration. They might not expect to receive something the day after Valentine’s. Show them your appreciation is not limited to a holiday but blooms every day.

Double Down

50% plan to accompany those bloomin’ buds with another gift. Chocolates are a traditional choice. If your Valentine doesn’t go coco for cocoa, we offer a variety of gift bundles. Some may knock your sweetheart’s “socks” off.

Please Yourself

25% will buy themselves a Valentine’s gift. Practice some necessary self-love and treat yourself this year.

Relationships and Sex

Chart - sex life during the pandemic

With both partners often working from home, 21% have turned to experimentation to keep things interesting while 17% are having more sex.

Sex Pistils

❤️ 68% of people would rather admit to faking an orgasm than admit they hated a gift.

❤️ More people plan to gift flowers than celebrate Valentine’s Day with sex.

Like a Chanel Suit

Flowers never go out of style. 85% have never been disappointed with flowers on Valentine’s Day. More millennials will celebrate Valentine’s Day by having flowers delivered than by having sex. Choose your blooms carefully and your sweetheart will know your love is timeless.

I Love, I Love, I Love my Calendar Girl

74% said they would prefer a new bouquet every month than 12 bouquets on Feb. 14th. Who wouldn’t love fresh blooms arriving fresh on your doorstep every month? Spread your love throughout the year and give that special someone a subscription.

Best in Bloom

Chart - Valentine's flower preferences

What are people’s favorite petals? People selected mixed blooms (19%) and roses (25%) as the two most popular choices for Valentine’s Day. If your Valentine doesn’t have a floral favorite, you can’t go wrong ordering roses or a balanced bouquet for your sweetheart.

Variety Blues

Don’t feel limited when selecting your fresh stems. Other fashionable focals include tulips, lilies, sunflowers, and plants for Valentine’s. All these blooms received numerous votes for their floral favorite.

It Takes a Village

We appreciate our communities more than ever. Family, friends, and neighbors had to adapt to keep connected while being physically distanced. Valentine’s Day is a holiday about all kinds of love, not just romantic love. Galentine’s Day has fast become a popular tradition where friends can celebrate their love for each other. And this year may start a new tradition as families celebrate Valentine’s Day together.

Gal Pals

From Parks and Rec to reality, Galentine’s Day has grown into a popular holiday commemorating friendship. 44% feel that Galentine’s Day is just as important as Valentine’s Day. The pandemic has not slowed down gals celebrating Galentine’s Day. This year, they have found creative ways to gather together and share the love.

Chart - Galentine's Day activities

Wining and dining are no longer for couples only. Many of us will celebrate Galentine’s Day this year and recognize the supportive female friends in our lives. Don’t wait to receive flowers when giving is half the fun. Make your BFF feel special with the perfect blooms.

Some gals (13.8%) will zoom into a virtual brunch to catch up and share some laughs. Other friends (16.3%) have decided to gather for drinks while maintaining an appropriate physical distance. Also popular this year: meme scrolling within a friends pod (14.3%).

We Are Family

At least 10% will celebrate Valentine’s Day this year with their whole family. If you have small children at home, you might wonder what you can do as a family on Valentine’s Day this year. Here’s a list of some of our favorite activities you can enjoy with the whole family at home:
❤️ DIY projects

❤️ Bake cookies

❤️ Movie night

❤️ Reading hour

❤️ Make Valentine’s cards for family and friends

❤️ Do a rose drop at the houses of friends and family

Valentines Day 2021 Infographic


Survey Methodology

We used SurveyMonkey for the survey and questioned over 1,000 people between the ages of 18-44 with annual household income over $50,000. Respondents came from every region across the United States. 47% were male and 53% were female.

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