Romantic Wedding Flowers for 2023

Bride and groom kiss as they hold a bouquet of romantic wedding flowers

Have you ever picked up an old book off of your grandma’s shelf to find delicate petals pressed between its aged pages? Love stories unfurl in the rosy petals of a first date bouquet, on through the rose corsages of the senior prom, and finally, to the promising blooms of a married life full of everlasting love.

Perhaps you have seen your sister’s wedding bouquet dried out and framed in her home. Or maybe your best friend keeps flowers from her wedding bouquet in a glass Christmas ornament. Romantic wedding flowers not only make a lasting impression on your guests; they also become a cherished keepsake for you to share with your family.

When a bride chooses between roses, ranunculus, peonies, or poppies in her bouquet, she selects the visual reminders that will help recite her love story for decades to come.
Deciding upon a romantic floral arrangement that your future grandchildren might one day exclaim over should be fun. Instead, the process can feel like another stressful task for the bride and groom.

At The Bouqs Co. Weddings and Events, we make choosing your wedding flowers easy by designing romantic wedding bouquets that complement your color palette and style. Choose a romantic bouquet from The Bouqs Co. to consecrate your happily-ever-after in the language of flowers.

Garden Roses, Fresh Blooms, and Other Romantic Wedding Ideas for the 2023 Bride

When you hear the words “elegance” and “romance,” which wedding flowers come to mind? Many brides think of the deep red shades of garden roses. However, did you know that red tulips also represent a love declaration, according to the language of flowers?

The Western language of flowers originally stemmed back to Persia and the Middle East. It became popular in Europe due to the Victorian Era’s etiquette rules which prohibited unmarried couples from openly sharing their feelings.

Instead, the soon-to-be bride received secret love messages in bouquets of peonies, roses, ranunculus, and wildflowers. If you want to harken to the time of ageless moments and wistful yearning at your wedding, use the language of flowers to convey the depths of your feelings to your bride or groom.

Romantic Wedding Flowers and What They Mean

According to the language of flowers, every rose and ranunculus could be a coded message.

  • Garden roses can indicate pleasure and pain
  • A bouquet of pink roses means “yes,” sincere love, or hope
  • White roses say “I cannot” or indicate purity
  • Orange roses represent energy and passion
  • Lavender roses indicate love at first sight
  • Peach roses signify gratitude
  • Yellow roses show contentment
  • A mixed rose bouquet is the old-fashioned way of saying “it is complicated”
  • Jasmine vine represents faithfulness
  • Tulips represent a firm declaration of love
  • Poppies say, “I am not free”
  • Sending someone a bouquet of ranunculus means that you find them charming or physically attractive
  • Sweet peas indicate delicacy or blissful pleasure
  • Peonies represent riches, honor, and prosperity
  • Hydrangeas indicate heartfelt emotion and gratitude
  • Pink orchids represent femininity and grace

When choosing your wedding flowers, think about the kind of message you wish to relay to your bride or groom and use your bouquet to speak for you when words fail.

Choosing a Bridal Bouquet to Fit Your Romantic Wedding Theme

When designing your wedding flowers, you can consider what each individual rose represents but ultimately, it is best to match your wedding flowers to your theme. When your wedding flowers are cohesive with your color scheme and theme, your portraits will look polished and have timeless style.

The Coastal Bride

If you are having a coastal wedding, you may be searching for a beachy bouquet or a tropical floral arrangement.

The shades of red, pink, and orange in a bouquet of garden roses, ranunculus, and peonies can reflect the colors of an ocean sunset. Or you can add bright yellow parrot tulips to your wedding bouquet and mimic the warmth of the sun’s rays on the sand.

Consider pairing tropical foliage and orchids in your floral arrangement to complement your exotic surroundings further. Opting for local greenery in your bouquet is another great way to show your appreciation for your wedding destination and its natural beauty.

The Mountain Bride

When planning a rustic fall mountain wedding, you should keep seasonality in mind. Some flowers thrive in the autumn, such as roses and sunflowers, while others prefer warmer months, such as garden roses, peonies, and ranunculus. Ultimately, your florist should be able to accommodate and import the bouquet of your dreams.

Even if you have to import some blooms, do you still want your bouquet to seem like a natural extension of your surroundings? Utilizing different greenery shades and textures is an excellent way to evoke a rustic and naturalistic style that complements your stunning mountain panoramic views.

Wild and loose bouquets of dark burgundy roses can also enhance the organic aspect of your outdoor wedding, giving it a “just picked” appeal. Ask for a cascade of red garden roses and ranunculus to achieve the look of an overflowing bouquet.

The Rural Bride

Does your bride have her heart set on a rural wedding complete with homemade pies, burlap decor, and aged lace? A Western wedding featuring bright ranunculus and rose blooms enveloped in dark leafy greens is sure to make your bride a happy wife.

You might even opt for a greenery-only bouquet when walking down the aisle. The contrast of the foliage against a white dress makes your outfit pop! You could also extend the rural theme to your bridesmaids’ bouquets by storing them in mason jars or wrapping them in wool.

Placing a purposefully imperfect flower arrangement on your guests’ tables is another way to set the scene for a cozy down-home wedding reception. Mix in earthy neutral shades to balance the bright blooms for a reception to remember.

The Modern Bride

Modern weddings are chic, minimalistic, and perfectly understated. Romantic wedding flowers for the modern bride include:

  • Peonies: Peonies are versatile flowers when it comes to creating wedding bouquets, and they can complement a rural wedding or a modern theme seamlessly.
  • Garden roses: Garden roses blend well with anemones and carnations. You could also pair the garden roses with leaves, palms, and ferns.
  • Greenery: Dark greenery can complement your white garden roses and sweet peas by providing a nice contrast to their stark petals. Mix in some branches with your foliage for a spiky modern art twist.
  • Asymmetrical arrangements and bold blooms: If the bridal party’s florals are understated and neutral, then the bridal bouquet is an opportunity to make a statement. Use bright red garden roses or ranunculus to achieve a contrasting effect against your white walls and mirrored accents.

Black decor pieces and asymmetrically arranged blooms will make your wedding the epitome of modern sophistication.

Florals and Decor That Leave a Lasting Impression

You have more to plan than just boutonnieres and bouquets when it comes to romantic wedding flowers. Many florists offer various floral creations to match your wedding’s aesthetic.

Wedding Arbor

Did you know that you can have your wedding flowers weaved into your wedding arbor or arch to create a lovely and meaningful display? Imagine being framed by fragrant garden roses, peonies, and ranunculus as you recite your vows to your bride or groom.
Bedecked arches are also a great photo opportunity for your guests. Check out our Cherie Arch decor to gain inspiration for your wedding today!

Flower Crowns

The bohemian bride is more likely to opt for flowers in her hair than a diamond tiara or long lace veil. Instead of spending money on flashy jewelry, your bridesmaids can also adorn their hair with colorful blooms.

Flower Dog Collars

Have you ever seen a groomsman leading a dog down the aisle with a leash made of roses? Some florists will create dog collars and leashes made of non-toxic florals to fit your wedding aesthetic.

If you opt to use a flower collar or leash, you will have to forgo using toxic peonies and ranunculus for your four-legged friend’s health and safety. However, you will be happy to learn that roses are pet-friendly.

While The Bouqs Co. does not currently offer ready-to-wear flower dog crowns or leashes, we do have a Custom Designs option that allows you to tell us more about your bridal dreams and how we can help you make them a reality.


If you are a frequent bridesmaid, you probably have experienced your bride asking you to plant your bouquet in the middle of the table as a centerpiece for the reception. While this is an economical option, the bridesmaid bouquet often looks a little wilted from the ceremony.
Instead, opt for vibrant centerpieces filled with roses, mini Callas, and eucalyptus to wow your guests while they toast to your marriage.

The Bouqs Co. Weddings and Events

Whether you want garden roses, peonies, or ranunculus in your bouquet, The Bouqs Co. Weddings and Events has the romantic wedding flowers and delicate petals of your marital dreams. At The Bouqs Co., we make shopping for florals simple. You can shop by:

  • Season
  • Color
  • Wedding style
  • Arrangement style

Shop with us for your wedding flowers today, and get more insight into additional wedding-related planning with help from our experts. Learn about the most popular wedding flowers, discover some unique wedding venue ideas, and find out how you can reuse your wedding flowers after the ceremony.

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