Gifts for Teachers: Painted Mini Plant Pots

DIY Plant Pots

Whether you’re getting in the back-to-school spirit or celebrating Teacher Appreciation Day, it’s never a bad time to show your little ones’ educators some teacher appreciation. And if you know anything about us here at The Bouqs Co., you know what big fans we are of a good DIY project. That’s why we’re so excited about hand-painted, DIY plant pots: not only is it a perfect way to get crafty with your kids, but it also makes for a thoughtful, creative gift-inside-a-gift. After all, a flower pot is made for – what else? – flowers!

So gather the kids and get ready to unleash your artistic side with some miniature DIY plant pots. You’ll brighten your kids’ teacher’s day with a two-in-one-gift of art and lovely plants!


What You’ll Need

  • Small terracotta flower pot(s)
  • Acrylic paint in assorted colors
  • Paper plates or newspaper to mix paint
  • Small foam paintbrush(es)
  • Small painter’s brush(es)
  • Clear acrylic spray
  • Optional: Painter’s tape for painting straight lines or geometric shapes
  • Optional: Chalkboard paint (This lets your kids or their teacher write fun messages or greetings that they can change whenever they want!)
  • Something to put in the pot: soil and plants, or other goodies

Painting Your Mini Flower  Pot

  1. Prep your flower pot. It’s a good idea to let it soak in warm water for about an hour, then scrub off any price stickers and adhesive residue. Let dry completely.
  2. Plan your design. Your kids may want to do a simple design straight onto the terracotta base, and that’s fine. If they want to get a little wilder, though, they’ll want to choose the color they’ll use for the base coat as well as the colors they’ll use for their design. The possibilities are endless!
  3. If using, paint the base layer with one of the foam brushes. Let dry.
  4. Use foam brushes, painter’s brushes, and/or painter’s tape to create and paint whatever design your kids’ hearts desire. Let dry and peel away tape if used.
  5. When everyone is happy with their designs and all the paint has dried, spray the entire pot with one or two even layers of acrylic spray to seal.
  6. If using chalkboard paint, use painter’s tape to square off the chalkboard section. Fill in with chalkboard paint. Let dry and peel away tape.

Fill Your Mini Flower Pot

The most obvious filler for your new DIY plant pot is, well, plants or flowers! For a thoughtful teacher’s gift, pick flowers or plants that will do well inside a classroom. Succulents make happy, low-maintenance indoor plants.

On the other hand, you may want to let your kids’ teacher choose what to plant in their pot. In that case, consider filling the pot with other back-to-school goodies, like:

  • Fun pens, pencils, or erasers
  • Candy or healthy snacks
  • Gift cards for something relaxing, like wine, a movie, or a spa day (you know teachers need it!)

And, of course, if your little ones chose to use chalkboard paint, don’t forget to include some chalk and a heartfelt message for the hardworking recipient of your new hand-painted DIY plant pot!


We at The Bouqs Co. are firm believers in the power of flowers to bring joy and relaxation into any room. Our hand-curated, sustainable Bouqs make for lovely gestures of teacher appreciation any time of year!

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