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Flower Waste: How Farm-Direct Flowers Reduce Floral Waste

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We love beautiful flowers. Flowers are an almost universal act to express care, love, compassion, and just let someone know you’re thinking about them. We commemorate important events with flower arrangements. Whether you’re looking for Valentine’s day flowers or same-day flower delivery we strive to bring you the highest quality, artisan-crafted bouquets for an affordable price. But you might be wondering why The Bouqs Co. represents an innovative, new model for flower delivery.

Do you know how many flowers are wasted with the traditional model of flower delivery? The number might surprise you. Between 40% and 60% of flowers can be wasted under the traditional flower delivery model. Let that number sink in. Over half of the stems that leave the flower farms never make it to a vase for customers to enjoy and instead contribute to environmental waste. That is a lot of wasted flowers for a typical bouquet to travel from the farm through the middlemen and finally into the consumer’s hands.

You might be thinking, there has to be a better way right? That’s what we thought too and it’s why we founded The Bouqs Co. We wanted to innovate the old business models and bring flower delivery into the 21st century. Our mission is to bring expertly designed flower arrangements directly to consumers and reduce the overall waste in the flower industry. By developing this model, you can send unique, artisan-crafted bouquets at an affordable price while helping to eliminate flower waste.

Sending flowers should be an intuitive and enjoyable experience for both the sender and the recipient.

How Does Traditional Flower Delivery Work?

To understand how so much waste occurs in the flower business, it’s important to understand how the traditional flower delivery model works. Traditional flower delivery is a process that involves multiple steps and middlemen. U to 50% waste occurs because of how many steps are involved when the flowers travel from farm to recipient.

Steps Involved in Traditional Flower Delivery

    1. The Farm: All flowers begin on flower farms. Between 90-95% of the flowers bought in the United States come from South American farms, primarily Ecuador and Colombia. That accounts for over 4 billion stems!
    2. Importers/Brokers: Flowers typically arrive at the major shipping ports in Miami. The importers and brokers then sell and distribute the flowers to regional hubs such as Dallas or Atlanta
    3. Wholesale Distributors: From the brokers, the flowers arrive at wholesale regional distributors who take inventory and then continue to propel the flowers along on their journey.
    4. Florists: Most local florists receive their flowers from the wholesale distributors anywhere up to 17 days after they were cut on the farm.
    5. Most Online Retailers: Most of the big online retailers are simply intermediaries that take your order then contract a local florist for delivery. This is why many arrangements arrive not exactly as shown

As you can see, many steps contribute to the traditional flower delivery pipeline. Each node in this supply chain increases the final price as each player takes a cut and each step increases the potential time flowers wait around before they make it to a vase. These multiple steps also increase the overall floral waste since each step means flowers sitting in warehouses, distribution centers, or traveling. Another issue with these multiple steps and middlemen, misaligned incentives arise. The misaligned incentives come from the fact that with aggregate order takers, the local flower shop that fulfills the order might not fill the order exactly how the bouquet looked on the website it was ordered from.

The Environmental Impact of the Global Floral Industry

Industrial pollutants such as dangerous pesticides negatively contribute to the environment. We partner with only farms that use sustainable and eco-friendly farming practices. This incentives farms to update their methods in ways that are better for the environment and directly reduces the amount of pollution from the flower industry.

Extra resources are used for refrigeration for extra days spent in storage between each node on the supply chain. By shipping directly from the farm we minimize the resources spent on shipping flowers and storing them.

The Bouqs: Bouquet Delivery, Simplified

The Bouqs Co. believes that flowers could be improved for the senders and receivers of flowers as well as the farmers by streamlining the supply chain and bringing the end consumer closer to the farmers that grow these beautiful stems. By building a model using modern technology there is a much simpler way of connecting flower farms with lovers of flowers. It’s simple. We cut out the middle man and offer farm-direct flower delivery.

You select the bouquet you want and we ship it farm-fresh right to your recipient! This process allows us to supply you with fresher flowers that last a long time. Our floral artists created high-quality bouquets tailored to every occasion. We cut fresh stems and ship you a designer bouquet that arrives so fresh, sometimes the blooms are still in bud form right about to blossom. Our innovations mean our recipients receive bouquets that last the longest time possible.

And we still work with our local florist partners to be able to provide you with same-day bouquet delivery. Simply order before 11 a.m. local time. Local time means the time zone of your recipient. Our partner florists will then arrange and deliver a special bouquet the same day.

Benefits of Farm-Direct Flower Delivery

      • High-quality flowers that last much longer
      • More affordable bouquets due to fewer middlemen taking cuts
      • Better for the environment by drastically reducing unnecessary waste
      • Accurate shopping experience as our farm-fresh Bouqs contain the same stems shown in photos – no substitutions

The Bouqs Core Values

We want people to enjoy flower delivery. Sending flowers shouldn’t be like buying milk and soda. Sending flowers should be an experience that people enjoy. We believe that flowers are an important part of expressing how you feel to the people you care about. Flowers are also a key element to celebrate and observe life’s important events, from the joyous to the somber. Flowers can reaffirm relationships, enhance the mood of a gathering, instill vibrance and energy into any space, communicate with actions at a distance, and re-establish connections.

The Bouqs Co.’s mission is to revolutionize how we commemorate life’s important events by connecting people to expertly designed flower bouquets and the people who make this possible. The Bouqs believes in community, kindness, social responsibility,

Flower Delivery for the 21st Century: Efficient and Responsible

We’re ready to bring flower delivery into the 21st century and do our part to reduce waste, increase efficiency, and deliver the highest quality flowers to our consumers and subscribers. As opposed to 40-60% waste, our model of flower delivery results in less than 5% flower waste on average. We aim for flower delivery from the farm between 1 and 7 days at most as opposed to the traditional model’s average of 12 days or more.

Our New Years Resolution for 2022: Keep Blooming

When you’re looking through our collection of seasonal and best-selling Bouqs, we want to find the right bouquet that expresses the message you want to convey. Our resolution is to continue to bring you the highest quality flowers in bouquets carefully crafted by our expert florists and deliver them to you and your loved one’s tables for affordable prices. We pledge to offer you the benefits of farm-direct flower delivery and monthly flower delivery. We ensure you have flowers that last a long time expertly arranged by our artisan florists and prepared for delivery right to the doorstep.

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