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Happy Pride! Don’t Rush Challenge

This year, we remember the beginning. Pride started as a riot against police brutality, led by the LGBTQ+ people of color. To honor their legacy, we’ve partnered with the Los Angeles LGBT Center, which provides health care, housing, education, and other services for more LGBTQ+ people than any other organization in the world, all of which are available for free or at low cost.

We’ve also developed an exclusive Rainbow Bouq that celebrates love in all its forms. For each one sold in June, we are donating 20% of the purchase price to the Los Angeles LGBT Center. This Bouq was used to bring together members of the LGBTQ+ community through our Don’t Rush Challenge, proving that even when we can’t be together in person, we can still celebrate #Pride side by side

Check out these champions within the LGBTQ+ community pass the bouq and celebrate love the best way we know how: with flowers, of course!


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Want to know what pride means to the incredible LGBTQ+ people who participated in our Don’t Rush Challenge? Check out the Q&A with our panel below!

  • What does Pride mean to you?
    • Pride to me is an outlet to be surrounded by happiness and love. Being femme presenting, I often get the phrase “well you don’t look gay” and that’s always bothered me. When you go to a Pride event, no one cares what you look like or what’s going on in your life- they just love you for you.  @taytayjordan
    • Pride to me is the celebration of authenticity, the freedom to my true self, a state of mind met with visibility, and the passion to stand up for who I am. @unspokenstyle
    • Pride to me is a chance for the LGBTQAI+ community to come together. We remember those who fought for our rights to be open and celebrate how far we’ve come as a community. @van_kelsing

  • What is your favorite way to express your individuality?
    • Makeup and Fashion is a huge outlet for me. Sometimes I like to be full glam, heels and a dress, but other times I prefer sneakers and big t shirts. Having the confidence to present myself however I feel that day makes me feel uniquely me. @taytayjordan
    • My favorite way to express my individuality is through my personal style. @unspokenstyle
    • I love expressing myself with colorful clothes and terrible dad jokes! @van_kelsing

  • If you were a flower, what would you be and why? 
    • I think I would 100% be lavender. It’s my favorite smell and color, and reminds me to keep it cool calm and collected. @taytayjordan
    • If I were a flower I would be a sunflower. I adore their massive presence and big, happy petals – reminds me of myself in a way! @unspokenstyle
    • @unspokenstyle If I was a flower, I’d be a stargazer lily – when they open and bloom, they are brighter and larger than anyone could’ve imagined! My mother always gifted them to me for special occasions so I’m very sentimentally attached. @van_kelsing

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