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Benefits of Monthly Flower Delivery

You absolutely adore fresh flowers and you try to pick up a bundle now and then (when you remember), but life is hectic and there’s not always time to tend to life’s little perks. If this sounds like you and you’ve ever wondered—what are the benefits of monthly flower delivery?—here are some compelling points to consider.

Benefits of Monthly Flower Delivery

  • Regularly adding vitality to your living space.
  • Keeping you on top of what flowers are in season.
  • Saving you time.
  • Offering some distraction from everyday screen time.
  • Providing an opportunity to give an ongoing gift.
  • Making your space look chic and polished—even when you’re not.

There are so many benefits to signing up for monthly flower delivery. Here we take a closer look at just a few of these advantages.

Add Life to Your Living Space

Flowers not only brighten up your decor but also lighten your mood. With their array of sunny and fresh colors to their invigorating or calming scents, flowers can really help improve our quality of life. Different colors evoke different moods. A bold bouquet can be energizing, while a soft-colored one is calming. Similarly, with scents—the smell of lavender soothes while brighter scents tend to energize. Having flowers in your home can even boost creativity and happiness.

Know Your Seasonal Flowers

When you hit the flower shops with a specific type of flower in mind, but have no luck finding it because it’s out of season, you may leave disappointed. It’s often hard to come up with an alternative that feels equally as impressive and special as what you were picturing. In contrast, with monthly flower delivery, you get the absolute best of what’s in season, so it’s always stunning and you avoid the guesswork.

Time Saver

As much as you want fresh flowers in your house, sometimes stopping to pick some up is just one task too many in an already jam-packed day. If you often find that there aren’t enough hours in the day, then having fresh flowers delivered each month is a welcome treat and time saver.

Screen Time Break

These days most of us spend so much time staring at screens—from our phones to the TV and the home and work computers, it seems like there’s too little nature in our days. Bringing flowers inside provides an escape from technology and offers the opportunity to reconnect a bit with the real world.

Gift That Keeps On Giving

Flowers are always a well-received gift, but imagine how impressive the gift would be if the flowers kept coming. Setting your mom or a close friend up with monthly flower delivery is a thoughtful gesture that’s sure to be remembered for years to come.

Up Your Style Factor

Maybe you live an upscale polished life or maybe you just wish you did. Either way, having a regular infusion of stylish fresh flowers in the home gives the impression that you have things together. Guests who stop by are sure to be impressed by your taste and attention to detail. After all, if you have time to attend to your busy life and also take care of the little touches you must be doing something right—only you’ll know how it really all comes together.

Advantages of Regular Fresh Flowers

Flowers Boost Your Mood

One of the main benefits of fresh flowers is their effect on our mental health. As explained on Huffington Post, “researchers in the Netherlands studied restaurant diners and found that people with fresh flowers on their tables seem to be in better moods.” Let your friends and family know that flowers inspire better moods.

Flowers Let People Know You’re Thinking of Them

Buying flowers for someone is about more than wanting them to have something pretty. It’s a simple way to let the recipient know that you’re thinking of her even when you’re not there. People love to know that their partners are thinking about them when they’re not around. A surprise gift of flowers expresses that emotion. Bonus points to those who’ve paid attention to what her favorite flowers are.

Flowers are the Original Air Freshener

Air scenting plug-ins and waxy melts have become enormously popular in recent years, but for those looking for a more natural way to fragrance the home, fresh flowers are the way to go. Fresh flowers will not only spruce up the house but will also help eliminate the scent of pet mistakes, burnt toast, or a forgotten batch of laundry.

Flowers Promote Relaxation

Having bundles of fresh blooms around the house can boost brainpower. A study by Texas A&M University found that having fresh flowers in a workspace increased problem-solving abilities, boosted creative thoughts, and helped workers generate ideas.

So if you’re ready to get in on the monthly flower delivery fun, The Bouqs Co. makes it easy. Our flowers are cut-to-order, so they arrive ultra-fresh and there’s no waste. You have tons of choice too—delivery dates are customizable; you decide when you want deliveries to start and end. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and bi-monthly subscriptions. If you’re going to be away you can even choose to skip a delivery. Also, if you’re going away, read up on how to take care of your plants when on vacation. We also offer different flower collections, so that you always get blooms that suit your style. And if you want to know more about the benefits of farm-direct flowers, read on.

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