Biggest Flower Trends for Your Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding Flowers

Get ready, folks – it’s winter wedding season, and we couldn’t be more excited. It turns out many of the trends that have flourished over the course of 2018 – the greenery obsession, wreaths galore – are more perfect for the winter season than any other time of year. (Get over it, spring weddings.)

So without further ado, we’ll run through our favorite bridal flower trends for 2018’s winter wedding season:


Dark, Moody Colors

This is one bridal flower trend of 2018 that seems absolutely made for a winter wedding. If you are at all bummed about having to leave behind the bright pastels of spring, no worries! Deep reds, moody purples, dusty blues and natural greens and grays reign supreme this year. You can rest assured these darker, earthier tones will perfectly complement any winter landscape, from winter-white to woodsy-chic. Nailed it!

All Foliage

Speaking of woodsy-chic, happy couples on both sides of the pond are all about foliage-only bouquets and centerpieces. If you like the idea of carrying a mini-forest down the aisle, then break out the ferns and thistles, y’all.

Traditionally relegated to the background of wedding bouquets and called “fillers” in most circles, greenery is making a major power grab for the spotlight – and we’re all about it! Not only do foliage-only wedding bouquets add a down-to-earth final touch to a rustic wedding, but they’re also a delight for the senses, often giving off sweet, natural fragrances that might even keep you calm as you walk down the aisle into the rest of your life.

Locally Sourced and “Foraged” Flowers

This bridal flower trend piggybacks off the previous one, encouraging not only sustainability in wedding flowers, but also a more intimate relationship between the wedding planners, the newlyweds, and their wedding flowers.

What better way to feel grounded on your big day than to know your wedding flowers were picked and curated with care from the little slice of the world around you? It’s this rustic connectivity that the foraged flower trend is all about.

Moss Trim

From centerpiece details to photo backdrops to welcome signs, we’re seeing moss all over the place this wedding season. We love this trend for its versatility: moss can not only be used creatively in traditional wedding flowers, but also as growth medium in more unconventional arrangements like potted plants, bonsai trees, or ikebana-inspired arrangements. Plus, moss adds a very green, very natural breath of fresh air to balance out the deeper, brighter colors of any other flowers you use.

Wreaths, Hoops, and Mandalas

No matter the season, 2018 has been the year of unique shapes. Lucky for you, there’s literally no better time for a wreath than winter. For an Insta-worthy set-up, deck out your wedding with a rustic take on the traditional winter wreath. Don’t forget to throw in some of the above-mentioned, on-trend foliage and flowers in deep or muted hues!

Don’t feel confined to traditional wreath placement, either. Sure – a frosty green-and-gray thistle wreath can look amazing as a photo backdrop, framing a sign displaying the happy couple’s names, or as a centerpiece on a reception table. But you can absolutely mix it up by carrying a wreath or flower hoop in place of a traditional bouquet, or even wearing one on your head, flower-crown style.


We hope our list has you ready to go out and create the rustic winter (wedding) wonderland of your dreams. And if not, don’t feel too overwhelmed! We’ve got you covered with sustainable, artisan wedding flower packages, including DIY boxes for those who want to get up close and personal with their big day.

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