8 Winter Activities You Should Try This Season

Winter Activities

With its chilly air, cozy atmosphere, and all the fun opportunities to gather with loved ones, we think the winter season has just gotten a bad rep. This season, we invite you to reignite your love for winter (or start a budding relationship with it) by taking advantage of the fun winter activities that come with the season of renewal. There’s something for everyone to enjoy about winter between outdoor fun and indoor coziness. You’re sure to find your niche this winter. All you have to do is take a chance on new experiences or on some old winter classics.

Whether you live in a truly “winter” city or in a warm city that takes extra effort to make it feel like winter, we think our list of activities will give you renewed excitement for this season.


Winter Activities

Not sure what to do to get your winter spirit going? Start by trying out some of our ideas of things to do in winter:

1. Bonfire with a warm drink: Bonfires are more cozy with a bit of cool breeze brushing against your face. Grab some thick blankets, hot drinks, and good friends—you’ll be set to have a night full of laughter and great conversations.

2. Museum day: Winter is great for exploring your local museums. A walk around the warm museum halls goes perfectly with the crisp outside air. Explore outside gardens for a new, tranquil experience.

3. Rent a cabin: Immerse yourself in the winter beauty by driving to your local snow-covered mountains and rent a cabin for the weekend. Being able to experience the season while on getaway mode is sure to grow your love for it.

4. Go ice-skating/snowboarding/skiing: In natural snow or a man-made snow, these outdoor activities will keep you active and warm. If you’ve never gone on the ice or slopes, now is the perfect time.

5. Snowball fight: There’s something exhilarating about this childhood activity, even as an adult. Just make sure you’re prepared with thick gloves. Try this out with your partner for a fun, slightly competitive date.

6. Relax in a hot tub: Jump in an outdoor hot tub for an exhilarating body rush of hot and cold. Don’t have access to a hot tub? Try your local spa.

7. Decorate your home: Bring some winter tones and scents into your home. Add in some décor with deep reds, greens, and white; add seasonal flowers and even some jolly wreaths to make your home a bit more welcoming for this brisk season. Flowers and plants can go a long way in brightening up your home and including you in all the festivities. Not only will they bring in some sweet smells and freshen up your space, they’ll make you appreciate the great indoors a lot more — especially with the unpredictable weather forecast!

8. Ice bar: An ice bar experience is perfect for those who don’t live in a “seasonal” area but still want to enjoy the winter chill. For those that do live in colder climates, throw on your parkas, scarves and gloves, and head outdoors with your drinks.

Mixing up your normal winter routine of work, errands, home by adding in some fun activities will help to keep your spirits up and winter might even prove to be your new favorite season!


The temperature drop shouldn’t be enough to stop us from enjoying everything these festive months have to offer. There is so much to love about this season from the beautiful blooms that only come this time of year (think: camellias!) to spending more time with your loved ones.

While learning to love the seasons all year round is important, we think who you’re with during the changing seasons is more important. Reach out to that friend you’ve been meaning to have lunch with, give your parents a call, or set up a date for you and your partner to reconnect without the worries of daily life. A gift from The Bouqs Co is the perfect way to start a conversation or to warm someone from the inside out during these chilly months.

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