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When you think of a bouquet of cut flowers, you are most likely picturing vibrant blooms atop lively green stems. Let’s not forget the signature scent that tantalizes our senses with wild and fresh fragrance. We can all appreciate the floral industry, which is why all year round the demand continues to increase – because who doesn’t cherish a beautiful array of artisan flowers?

Season after season, our flower farmers are hard at work trying to perfect a flawless product. But the industry for fresh cut plants has its own dark secrets. Many farmers are forced to use pesticides to preserve and cultivate the flowers you see over there on your end table. The toll of pesticides in the United States alone is starting to catch the attention of many consumers just like yourself. Did you know that bouquet of flowers you just sent to your Mom for Mother’s Day probably contains a preservant that is known to be toxic?

On the surface, of course, it’s impossible to see just what is going on at a microscopic level. So let’s take a look at what exactly is going on and see what we can do to start making some changes!


What is Really Going On In There?

Due to an unstable environment that creates many challenges to keep those blooms growing, there is an incentive to overuse pesticides just to keep the plants thriving. A study in Belgium discovered an average of at least ten different chemicals per plant. That staggering amount only continues to grow. Just imagining the number of chemicals transferred from human contact alone is daunting.

Take a peek at this link for a complete list, from A- Z, to become aware  of all those nasty chemicals you are unwittingly coming into contact with every day. Studies have shown known central nervous system exposure of organophosphate pesticide in the bodies of florists who live in Miami, Florida.

Unfortunately, this is an everyday occurrence, and possibly not a surprising one when you consider the fact that the Latin root -cide  means “kill.”  But when you think of plants, the last thing you want to think of is killing it. We feel the same way, which is why we hope these facts can help you make the best decisions when supporting the floral industry.


What Can You Do to Make a Difference?

So now that you know what’s really up with your flowers, what can you do to keep yourself safe and do some good in the plant world? Over here at Bouqs, we’re giving our beloved farmers a hand! We stand by our promise to source all of our product from eco-friendly farms, which is why our farm-to-table Bouqs are sustainable and organic. And our sustainable flowers are cut the day your order: we never over-cut and only cut what we sell so the waste is eliminated, unlike standard farms, which waste nearly one in three of their cuts.


Support Your Local Florist

Our flowers are hand crafted by artisan florists. Each and every Bouq we produce is certified organic and made from sustainable flowers, so you can rest easy knowing that you are bringing a gift of love made by Mother Nature just for you, without all of those harmful chemicals and preservatives. Our local farmers take pride in growing only the very best organic Bouqs.

We encourage you to take notice of the widespread epidemic of irritants, pesticides, and chemicals affecting the floral industry and support your local florist. By buying only organic flowers, you are encouraging the health of not only our florists but our wonderful planet as well. Stay eco-conscious and bring healthy plant life into your day-to-day. You can ease your mind knowing you did your part in supporting the purity of our planet.

Choose sustainable and organic flowers, and don’t forget to share the good news, and a beautiful Bouq, with your friends!

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