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Thanksgiving in US vs. Canada: What’s Different

Thanksgiving In Canada

If you’re from the United States, you are probably all-too-familiar with Thanksgiving as it is, but who knew that other parts of the world celebrated this holiday as well? Thanksgiving in Canada is definitely a thing, and while there are some similarities, there are some ways that Thanksgiving in the U.S. sets itself apart from its neighbor up north. So if you’re wondering about the differences of the holiday between the two countries, look no further and read on for the answers!   In the U.S.:

  • Thanksgiving in the U.S. falls on the 4th Thursday of every November.
  • The holiday was officially formalized by Franklin D. Roosevelt and Congress in 1941.
  • The first Thanksgiving in our country was celebrated after the first harvest took place back in 1621. The English colonists held a huge feast with the Native Americans as an act of gratitude for helping the former begin a fresh start in the United States.
  • Black Friday is the occasion that follows immediately after Thanksgiving, giving people a wonderful excuse to go on a much-needed shopping spree!

In Canada:

  • Thanksgiving in Canada falls on the 2nd Monday of every October – before the U.S. since harvest season begins earlier up north!
  • The holiday wasn’t formalized as a national holiday until 1879 and the date wasn’t fixed until 1957. However, it did begin as a religious holiday since Canada’s Protestant ministers petitioned in 1859 for an official day to thank God for all the bountiful harvest he provides.
  • The first Thanksgiving feast dates back to as early as 1578 after explorer Martin Frobisher completed his third voyage to Canada. After some dangerous obstacles and losing one of his ships along the way, he decided to host a big celebration to give thanks for a safe arrival in Nunavut.
  • There’s no special shopping occasion that follows, especially since Thanksgiving in Canada is on a Monday!

  Despite the differences between the two countries, we can all agree that Thanksgiving anywhere in the world holds the same value of togetherness and gratitude. Whether you’re celebrating in America or Canada, we all have something to be thankful for. For our friends in the U.S. who are thinking of sharing some warm feelings of gratitude this season, send along some #BouqLove! We don’t just offer farm-fresh flowers that are sure to beautifully adorn your Thanksgiving table, we offer beautiful blooms that will definitely let any recipient feel your sincerity from anywhere in the country. Order a Bouq for yourself or a loved one today to give thanks this holiday season!

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