The Ultimate Guide to Spring Cleaning in 2019

Spring Cleaning Plants

It’s that time of year again: temperatures rise slowly but surely, you start opening your windows to let in a cool draft, your scarves return to the back of the closet, and there’s just an air of freshness everywhere you seem to go. It’s springtime, which gives all of us the perfect opportunity to turn over a new leaf!

Spring cleaning is the best way to make sure our space is spick-and-span and keep us as happy as anyone can be in their homes. For a lot of us, cleaning can seem like quite the task, but we can assure you that it’s super rewarding to see all the wonderful fruit of your labor!

So without further ado, here’s a few of our spring cleaning tips for the upcoming season:


Clean the windows

One of the best things you can do to brighten up your home and welcome in the sunnier days is to make sure your windows are cleaner than ever. So be sure to wipe down all the windows in your home to let even more light filter in!

You can even replace all your curtains into sheer ones to make sure you catch as many rays as you can indoors.

Get those hard-to-reach spots

We always like to overlook those parts that we can’t be bothered to reach, including the spots under furniture, behind shelves, and the inside of drains. It’s important to clean up those hard-to-reach areas. Dust any light fixtures, vacuum under the couch, and every surface of your bookshelves – whatever you’ve been meaning to clean!

Reorganize your closet

With the seasonal change, it’s always important to make sure our wardrobe is all set and ready to make sure we have outfits at the ready for the upcoming months. This can mean organizing clothes in cabinets or drawers according to shirts, pants, sweaters, etc.

A helpful tip to flatten out any unwanted wrinkles without bringing out the ironing machine is to lay your clothes out flat and misting them with water.

If you feel like opening up more space in your closet, you also might want to consider donating or selling any unwanted clothing. Sites like Poshmark and Depop allow you to sell some of the items you either outgrew or just don’t have the place for anymore!

Rearrange furniture

The placement of your furniture plays a huge role in making sure that you feel right at home, and sometimes it’s nice to change things up for the season. If you feel like moving the couch away from the wall and closer to the television screen or filling in that blank space with a cabinet, then feel free to get adventurous!

This can also be a great way to make your home feel a bit more spacious and less cluttered.

Tidy up the kitchen

Cleaning up your kitchen can do wonders for your overall home, and it also happens to be the one place where small messes can go unnoticed. Look through your kitchen utensils and see if there are any that seem to be running on its last legs. You can also open up your spice cabinets to check for expired ingredients.

Some of the bigger things that we never think twice about is the inside of our refrigerator. It’s easy to forget that our bigger appliances can also get a bit messy over time. Take the time to clean the inside of your fridge – reorganize the items and wipe down any spills gone unnoticed.

Also don’t forget to scrub the sink!

Don’t forget the little things

It’s easy to forget about some of the little things when it comes to cleaning, but in the end, having a tidy space means making sure everything is in order – especially the things we tend to overlook.

If you see some leftover stray hairs stuck in your hair brushes, pluck them out; go through your bags to see if there’s any trash you might have left inside; wipe down computer monitors, keyboards and mouses; disinfect earphones.

Some last-minute freshening up

The final touch to any cleaning errand is making sure your home is just as fresh as it is spic-and-span! Putting out some flowers and plants on display is the best way to ensure that your space can continue to maintain that refreshing, clean atmosphere for as long as possible.


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