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By the title of this blog post you may think we’re bragging, or perhaps we are just really big Tina Turner fans over here at The Bouqs Company, but either way we did want to take some time to let you know how we stand out from ‘all the rest.’

This is what makes us different (in case our Volcano stems being delivered from the equator isn’t enough):

  • All in Pricing – We make ordering through our site and app easy by simplifying and being transparent with our pricing. No cheesy upsells like teddy bears and balloons. No hidden fees. Just awesome flowers.
  • Farm To Table Flowers – We deliver our flowers straight from the farm vs. elsewhere that might be selling you flowers that are 10-15 days old. Plus, we’re helping farmers all over the world grow their business! All our farms practice sustainable, eco-friendly farming, and we cut out only what we sell – so we don’t waste 1 out of every 3 stems like the traditional supply chain.

To sum it up:


Infographic Our Competitors









Infographic About Us









  • Happiness Guarantee – While we aim to be perfect, flowers are unpredictable by nature, and we aren’t, sadly, 100% perfect (though we’ll keep trying!). Our Happiness Guarantee means we stand behind our product and experience. We want to be sure you’re happy with Bouqs.com and our flowers!

Now go forth and experience the #bouqlove for yourself. Don’t forget to share it with us on Instagram for a chance to win a free Bouq!

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  • Sharon Hoornstra April 28, 2016 at 3:25 pm

    I am very pleased with your floral design and quality. At last fresh, and a great variety of flowers! Cottage type bouquets like the ones I sent in Holland, and the ones from my back garden that I could never send. A new level of flower gifting. Thank you!