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Shop Smart: 4 Pin Artists We Love

Beetle Pin on Pink Roses

Trends come and go…and come back again. One trend that we are loving right now? Vintage-inspired pins! Pin mania has hit hard, and every single store seems to be selling a pin accessory of sorts.

Pins are great for a myriad of reasons. They make thoughtful, yet inexpensive gifts, they’re easy to add to a jean jacket or tote for extra style points, and last but not least, they are super cute.

Another plus? Independent artists have found selling pins to be an easy way to access a new customer base; people who normally might not purchase an original piece of art are more likely to buy a $10-$15 pin that doesn’t require framing, or holes in the wall. As a result, we have seen a surge of unique, fun pins on the market.

Dedicated to that pin life. Back in LA, @hernameisali and @peach_kelli_pop holding down the studio. ShopTuesday.com

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One note of caution: support your local artists and not those that sell mass-produced imitation pins. Large chain retailers have long been known for their copycat ways, and the pin market has been no exception. While we understand wanting to buy a faux leather Celine-type bag instead of the real $1500 thing, we cannot get behind stealing exact pin designs when the original product is already sold at a typically low cost. So let’s all shop smart, and be sure to consciously support our local artists!

Here are a few of our favorite quality pin retailers:
Tuesday Bassen

Eccentric pins and patches with a funny twist. We’ve got our eyes on the “Mixed Emotions Club” pin and “Keep Out” diary pin.

Kristina Micotti

This Bay Area native makes awesome pins that are San Francisco-centric. She’s also a fan of animals. If you have a Boston Terrier loving Giants fan on your hands, her Etsy would be the ultimate one-stop-shop. But we are also partial to the California Poppy Lapel Pin, for obvious flower-loving reasons. See her Black Beetle Pin featured above with one of our Above & Beyond Bouqs!

Sprinkles! #pingame

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Greenwich Letterpress

For anyone with a sweet tooth or serious junk food addiction… *cough* every person at The Bouqs Co. *cough*  We are crushin’ (and slobbering over) the Ice Cream Enamel Pin, Nachos Enamel Pin, and Sprinkles Enamel Pin. So cute. So yum.

Big Bud Press

These hand-polished pins are colorful and bright. Sometimes the neon color backgrounds can make their accessories seem less wearable than they are. For example, Banana Leaf Pin makes for an easy addition to any ensemble, bright or not.  Of course, in keeping with theme, we are all about the Pink Rose Pins.

Whether it’s a treat-yo-self, or a treat-somebody-else moment, we are all about a good pin purchase. It seems like the denim jackets around The Bouqs Co. HQ have certainly gained a pound or two in the last month, and it’s definitely because of our new metal embellishments. Happy pinning!

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