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Proof That Golden Hour Is Pure Magic

August 11, 2017

Our latest offering –– The Golden Hour Collection –– has arrived! Inspired by the dreamiest time of day, this curated selection includes warm summer tones, free-spirited florals, and fresh accents.

To celebrate the collection’s launch, we’ve compiled a few shots during the magic hour right before a summer sunset. Take in a bit of inspiration and get your camera ready!

Summer in the City

AmandaGunawan1Located in LA, Amanda Gunawan used the city skyline as a backdrop. And it’s the perfect complement to fresh roses and alstroemeria. Bonus points for that lens flare!

Take a Hike

JustinScudneyJustin Scudney headed to his favorite spot to nail this beautiful shot that balances the rugged outdoors with soft daisies.

For Shore

TerriMcHughThe eye-catching colors of our ranunculus pop wonderfully against white sand. Pair that concept with a bright solid outfit like Terri McHugh, and voila! Magic!

Fully Booked

MartinSalomonFeeling especially literary? Martin Salomon made us want to curl up and kick back with a page-turner from our summer reading list.

Fields of Gold

MikoBowenMiko Bowen went on the ultimate summer stroll, weaving through tall grasses and capturing this amazing photo as the sun began to dip below the horizon.

Farm to Farm

SylviaTribelOur farm-fresh flowers are sustainably sourced, and we can’t help but imagine they feel right at home in Sylvia Tribel’s picturesque locale.

Tag us in your golden hour summer moments for the chance to receive a Bouq from the collection! Use @TheBouqsCo and #Bouqlove –– can’t wait to see what you post!

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