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Poll Questions: Get to Know Our #Bouqsfam!

Employee Appreciation Bouqs

We can all agree that who we work with is a big part of who we are. For five days and forty hours a week, we’re spending time with our coworkers, our supervisors, and office administrators. Our work family is our second family, which is why Employee Appreciation Day isn’t just any ol’ holiday, it’s one day you get to show them just how much they mean to you!

Because our second family means so much to us, we wanted to learn a little more about the people we sit next to everyday. We sent out a survey to the entire headquarters at The Bouqs Co. so we could get to know ourselves better, and the answers we received were quite enlightening (we really love cold brew!). Check out the responses below:

Spring Flowers Poll

Blooming ranunculus and peonies are the first signs of spring, so it’s no surprise that these popular flowers are a favorite among our coworkers!

Gifting Flowers Poll

Just in case you’re trying to think of someone to send flowers to, your mom and your friends would surely love to receive some #Bouqlove soon!

Bouq Pie Chart

Although there aren’t enough words that can properly describe our #Bouqsfam, Loyal and Genuine are two words that come to mind.

U.S. Coast Poll Results

Well, it’s a good thing that our headquarters is based in Los Angeles because 100% of our coworkers agree that the West Coast is the Best Coast.

Favorite Emoji Poll

There is no wrong answer here 😂 Who wouldn’t love a star-struck taco dance party that makes you laugh until you cry?

Favorite office snack?

1. Cold brew     ☕

2. Fruit snacks 🍓

3. Nuts              🌰

4. Chips            🍟

5. Cereal           🥛

6. Cookies!       🍪

A few more fun facts…’You’ is the top show that we’re binge-watching right now, Ariana Grande is the top artist that we’ve got on repeat, and if given the choice most of us would rather travel to the future than the past.

It’s safe to say that it’s important to get to know the people we surround ourselves with at the office. So, this Employee Appreciation Day keep in mind that a friendly smile, a nice gesture or a meaningful conversation goes a long way with the people you see everyday. And be sure to ask them to share their Spotify playlist with you, too.

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