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Plant Delivery Hitches a Ride to Green Thumbs

Assortment of Succulents from Plant Delivery Arranged on a Bed with Books

Need a little more love in your #plantshelfie game? Be the plant parent your friends already think you are. Shorten the distance between you and your highest personal growth potential with amazing plant delivery. Gift greenery or get something special for your growing collection of organic plant companions.

As much as we try, we can’t encourage plants to blossom overnight. Responsible plant parenthood means giving them enough sunlight, water and occasionally playing their favorite music to make them feel at home. Like us, they need our patience to grow and thrive on their own schedule. Give them time to be their best selves.

While we’re waiting, plant delivery brings us new prospects to pour over and care for. You may not be a dedicated plant lover yet, but collecting and caring for plants is the newest trend in reducing stress and helping the world breathe easier. Just a touch of greenery on a table or shelf may improve not only the air around us but our mood as well.

Why We Love Plant Delivery

You could head down to the nearest nursery or massive hardware store and scoop up whatever little green friends you find there. Or you could get everything from a pre-potted pair of heart-shaped succulents to beautifully blooming orchids brought directly to your door. Not only does having plants delivered save time, it’s the easiest way to order glowing greenery without having to hit the local nursery.

A few things we love about getting plants delivered:

Permanent Pots

Your plant pals don’t have to be transplanted into the ground. Moving plants and succulents outdoors into drastic weather changes may give them the same shock you’d get standing outside in winter without a coat. Anytime you change the atmosphere and soil they’re comfortable in, plants will take some time to adjust.

Smaller pots are cute, but may limit their growth. Think back to your first apartment; you’ve grown a lot since then. Just like that adorable little place, you can always wait to find the perfect pot to upgrade your plant’s square footage. When you do, keep the soil or potting material your plants are accustomed to and mix it with fresh soil in the new container to help them acclimate better.


Being a plant parent is one part hands-on hobby and one part home decor. While they need enough love and attention to help them continue growing and blooming, they bring new life to your home aesthetic. Get a plant delivery that arrives IG-ready, poised for that living room photoshoot to capture the perfect light.

Plants arrive ready to strut the catwalk of your shelves in their boho style planters. Always stylish in the latest fashion that complements your home. Your ready-to-display plant decor comes in curated planters with a rustic, natural look that adds subtle farmhouse style accents.

Whether you’re ready to fill your home with greenery or just trying your hand at home horticulture for the first time, getting plants delivered is the greatest way to transform your indoor garden from growing room to glowing room.

Find Plants that Fit Your Lifestyle

Orchids: Repetitive blooming of beautiful, tropical flowers. Hardy stems need indirect sunlight and their roots only need to be watered when dried out.

Succulents: Low maintenance and stylish. The popularity of succulents stems from their boho style as much as their ability to grow without too much attention.

Indoor Plants: Watered on a schedule, don’t need tons of sun. Some of these plants are natural air cleaners.

Air Plants: Maintenance free, perfect for permanent decor. Like the perfect man, these small, decorative plants don’t need much help to grow on their own.

Plants are like the perfect pair of shoes, no they aren’t the same thing and yes we need them all. Show your plant love without renting a truck to haul them home. Or send them to your favorite plant or succulent enthusiast. Get new life delivered to boost your plant based lifestyle without changing your diet.

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