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Quick Tips: Planning a Big Event

Event Management

So you’ve decided to plan your own wedding, or maybe you were the brave soul who raised their hand when an executive asked if anyone wanted to plan an upcoming corporate event. We know planning for any event, no matter how big or small, can be tough!

Luckily, you aren’t alone. Taking on such huge responsibilities shouldn’t have to be put on your shoulders without a little help along the way. That’s why we whipped up a list of some tips to consider while you’re crossing off some things on your checklist!


Start as early as possible

You might think you have enough time to create a successful event, especially if you’re given a heads-up months and months in advance, but event planning is serious business! There’s so much that goes into making sure everything goes according to plan, which is why it’s so important to start mapping things out as soon as you can.

Setting Goals

Ask yourself “what’s the purpose of this event?” or why it’s being held in the first place. Then you can being to decide who would be attending. You don’t necessarily have to start creating a cohesive guest list, but depending on what kind of event you’re planning, it’s good to get a general idea of who to invite. Start by writing down your go-to people; if you’re planning a wedding, you’re most definitely inviting family and close friends over anyone else.


Now this is where spreadsheets will be your best friend! But first, decide what you’re spending on – venue, catering, décor, guest speakers/performances, bartenders, etc. Then in the spreadsheet, make different columns for what you’re spending on, how much you have in your budget to spend on it (or “budgeted expense” for short), and the actual expense of what you’re spending on.


Choosing a venue is what people deem the most stressful part of the planning process, but before you dive right into it, take a moment to breathe and narrow down your choices. Does the venue have wi-fi? What about accessible parking for your guests? Will it fit the expected number of people attending? Does it come equipped with seating? Does the venue come with any helpful staff members?

When you’ve managed to answer some of these questions, this will help narrow down your choices to a lucky few. Once you decide on one, it’s important to check on the venue occasionally before the event to ensure that there aren’t any complications – because nothing’s worse than when your venue is accidentally double-booked!


At last, the fun part – deciding on a theme! If you’re planning a wedding, this is where you can get more creative, but if you’re planning a corporate event, then it’s best to keep things more professional. Whatever you choose, just remember to set the right atmosphere for your guests.

And of course, building the right atmosphere means picking out the right décor to match! Decide if you need any nice floral centerpieces to accompany the occasion, and if that’s the case, partner with some local florists to get some sweet deals on wholesale flowers.


Sometimes, no matter how meticulously you plan these events, there could be some last-minute emergencies that arise. Maybe your bartender’s stuck in traffic or your guest speaker came down with the flu.

We know that this can all be overwhelming, especially when you worked so hard to make sure everything is in order, but the most important thing is to not panic when these issues do come up. Instead, be prepared for any emergency situations ahead of time. Make a list of back-up bartenders, speakers, performances, and more. Not only will this give you a peace of mind, it won’t disrupt the overall flow of the event if someone were to play hooky!


Catering is always important for satisfying your hungry guests, and trust us, no one wants to sit through an event on an empty stomach!

If you want to ensure that the goods arrive safely and on-time, try ordering locally to make sure that it comes to you fresh. Plus there’s less chance of delays if the business is close to the venue!  Be sure to get a written confirmation of the order, just in case there any hiccups that need to be fixed or reimbursed for.


There you have it: our quick tips on how to plan for a big event! You’re one step closer to becoming an efficient event planner, and we’re here to provide your venue the much-needed pop it needs. Whether your event is a professional corporate event or a whimsical outdoor wedding, The Bouqs has got you covered with the best farm-fresh blooms for any and every occasion.

Time to mark off “centerpieces” in your event planning checklist – check out our growing collection today!

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