Picking Fitting Flowers for Winter Wedding Dresses

Bride in Winter Wedding Dress and Faux Fur Shrug Holding an Orange Bouquet Embracing a Groom in a Dark Gray Suit with an Orange Boutinniere

Setting your special day in a winter wonderland presents a fun, creative challenge matching winter wedding dresses to flower arrangements that create colorful contrast. Making everything white may make things easier, but there are a lot more options for matching your flowers to your dress that aren’t only sustainable, affordable and beautiful, they’re exactly what you had in mind.

Aside from “nature’s photobooth” being a beautiful backdrop to take wedding pictures in front of, there are a lot of benefits to taking your vows in the off season. Timing weddings closer to the holidays is trending because of the availability of venues, plus it’s a popular time for family or guest travel in a season when they won’t be baking in the hot sun during an outdoor ceremony. Our guide looks at popular wedding arrangements, winter color themes and how choosing your flowers for winter wedding dresses can make all the difference.

The most popular dates for weddings are in mid fall and super busy. It’s why couples are pushing their big day further toward the holiday season instead of into the heat of the summer. Winter wedding invitations may already be on their way to you. These festive times of year aren’t just for traditional holiday gatherings, they’re becoming a more popular time to tie the knot and not just in California and Hawaii. Bride in Winter Wedding Dress and Faux Fur Bolero Holding Red Flowers Embracing a Groom

Curating Bridal Flowers that Complement Winter Wedding Dresses

A snowy backdrop is perfect for the winter wonderland fairy tale wedding you’ve always dreamed of. We’re here to help you see that selecting the perfect wedding flowers for your winter season ceremony aren’t limited to holiday color palettes. Once you’ve selected from your options of winter wedding dresses, choosing a floral theme that matches your bridal look can tie the whole event together.  From matching the bridal bouquet to bridesmaid dress colors, you can create a complementary color palette to make the day about your story and your love instead of the season. Winter ceremonies often include flower arrangements with a core range of flowers:

  • Roses and spray roses: wedding classics that universally represent romance and love
  • Hydrangeas: These colorful flowers symbolize honest emotion and empathy
  • Calla lilies: Though tropical in origin, they are often available year round
  • Chrysanthemums: Mums can symbolize honesty and abundance
  • Stephanotis: Popular for weddings, these tropical blooms are sometimes called Bridal Veil. They grow on a vine and their actual stems are fragile, so you or a florist will have to add artificial stems so they can stand on their own. Dianthus flowers are a beautiful alternative that require less work, especially if you’re going to make DIY wedding flower arrangements.

Modern additions to bridal bouquets are including flora that add greenery that highlight the focal colors of the important blooms or include exotic and tropical growths: Bridal Party in Winter Wedding Dresses and Faux Fur Bolero Coats Holding Flowers in the Snow

  • Carnations: Each color of carnation has a special significance, white is pure love and good luck
  • Eucalyptus: a symbol of protection
  • Star of bethlehem: hope and honesty are at the core of this flower’s symbolism
  • Succulents: Enduring, timeless love
  • Dahlias: These tropical flowers symbolize a lasting bond
  • Peonies: Popular for their beauty, peonies stand for happiness and love

Our Winter Wedding Flower Winners

Regardless of the season, you want  your hand arranged wedding flowers to arrive photo ready to make your special day truly something special. We offer a range of wedding flower packages make your winter wedding complete and add the perfect final accessories.

Always Collection

A subtly colorful, classic wedding aesthetic, this arrangement includes spray roses, eucalyptus, safari sunset, focal roses and bold greenery accents. This floral theme would provide the perfect color palette for brides wearing traditional white winter wedding dresses who would appreciate some contrast from their flowers.

Eternal Collection

This collection combines mums, roses, carnations, limonium and eucalyptus for a wedding flower package that is just breathtaking right out of the box. With multiple options for focal colors, the overall look of your wedding flowers are guaranteed to have an eternal beauty.

Forever Collection

For modern styling that’s perfect for every venue from black tie to garden chic, this classy palette of calla lilies, parviflora, eucalyptus, roses and spray roses is ideal for your late season wedding. The Forever Collection has a sophisticated look for a touch of class. When we shop for flowers that suit the wedding venue and the seasonal backdrop, DIY wedding flower options that are easy to put together and affordable can make all the difference. We recommend a range of options that offer brides a balanced blend of creativity and affordability.

Cherish Collection – Red Roses

This collection includes roses in two color options including red, hydrangeas and parviflora with green accents. Picking a focal red for your main flower makes this stunning floral wedding arrangement adds a warm glow to winter wedding dresses.

Devotion Collection

Among the most popular DIY wedding collections, this wedding flower package includes roses, calla lilies, snapdragons, eucalyptus and dianthus. For a floral package with symbolic themes of passion and romance, these bouquets are wedding decor everyone will admire.

Truly Collection

With its classic look, this rose wedding arrangement includes greenery accents that add subtle color that doesn’t distract from the bride. It includes mini callas, leather leaf, three kinds of roses and carnations for an elegant floral bouquet. Bridal Party in White Winter Wedding Dresses and Green Bridesmaid Gowns Holding Flowers  

Another Ring to Bear – Winter Wedding Dresses and Wreaths

A growing trend in all seasons is the appearance of a bridal wreath. We mostly think of wreaths around the holiday season for decorating our front doors, but suddenly boho brides are walking down the aisle with bridal wreaths. Wedding wreaths in addition to bouquets add festive flair to cooler season ceremonies.

If you’re planning on throwing a bridal wreath instead of a bouquet, don’t count on anyone in high heels chasing it down, they tend to fly pretty far when thrown. One of the nice things about them is that they aren’t as fragile as a flower bouquet, but what you sacrifice for convenience you tend to compromise on beauty. It’s why many brides who want a wreath still opt for flowers, especially for pictures.

There are even some guides to growing your own bridal wreath ahead of your wedding day. For a stunning statement with an understated aesthetic bridal wreaths with white flowers are particularly impressive matched with winter wedding dresses. White Flower Boutonniere on a Green Wool Coat and Tie

Intimate Winter Weddings

If you’ve decided that love is more important than a big ceremony, a smaller bridal flower collection is ideal. With fewer arrangements they’re both more affordable and can be delivered on fairly short notice. When you’re planning a wedding on a budget it helps to have just the necessities to ensure that your special day is a beautiful one no matter how many witnesses there are. There’s even an option for two bouquets or just two boutonnieres.

Smaller weddings are becoming en vogue especially as couples decide they only want a select group of friends, family or both in attendance. We offer a range of small ceremony flower packages perfect for these intimate gatherings and weddings on a budget. If you’re interested in finding out what our floral team can do to help matching winter wedding dresses with the perfect flowers feel free to reach out, we love the opportunity to help brides plan the wedding flowers of their dreams.

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