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Personalized Thanksgiving Gifts to Gift Your Host(ess)

Personalized Thanksgiving Gifts

It’s not polite to show up to a dinner party without bringing something, and a Thanksgiving celebration is no exception – especially since whoever is hosting probably put a ton of work into throwing you and your loved ones a beautiful feast!

If you and your friends or family do a more potluck-style Thanksgiving celebration, you can do your part by bringing your specialty Thanksgiving Day dish. But what if your host or hostess insists they don’t need food? Don’t think you’re off the hook! You might just have to get a little creative with your dinner host gift. That’s why we’ve put together a list of personalized Thanksgiving gifts to let your generous friend know you truly are thankful for their hospitality:


March Pantry Olive Oil and Vinegar Set

This olive oil and vinegar set is harvested and produced in California and is perfect for any foodie who lives in their kitchen. Whether drizzled on freshly baked bread or thrown into a salad dressing, the oil and vinegar will add beautiful, bold flavors to your host or hostesses’ meals.

Cookbook Postcards

This postcard set comes with one hundred different cookbook-cover postcards from Penguin publishing art director, John Hamilton. If your host or hostess loves both food and design, these postcards are a perfect and personal gift for them. They can either send them out as thank you cards (on theme with a holiday of thankfulness and gratitude), or can even be used decoratively for holidays to come.

Decorative Votive Candleholder

If your host or hostess is constantly showing off their party skills, this elegant and simple centerpiece makes for a perfect dinner host gift. The wooden votive candleholder will light up any table setting or add a cozy touch to any room!

“Eat Pie” Serving Utensil

There is no cuter way to serve up heaping slices of fresh pumpkin pie! This serving utensil is perfect for the host or hostess who is also a brilliant baker.

Farmhouse Plaid Chenille Throw

One of the best parts of the autumn season is getting all snuggled up under a cozy blanket! This plaid chenille throw is the perfect color scheme for fall, so bring this to your host or hostess as a Thanksgiving gift and they’ll know you are grateful for all the hard work they put in on their beautiful feast!

Capri Blue Iridescent Jar Candle

This candle is an Anthropologie favorite for a reason: its elegant and intoxicating scent is one that everyone loves. Plus, the iridescent jar it comes in is gorgeous for every season. Your host or hostess is guaranteed to enjoy lighting this beauty up!

Auchentoshan American Oak Single Malt Scotch Whisky

This Single Malt Scotch Whiskey is a great way to let your gracious host or hostess know that you are thankful! Plus, if you’re lucky, they might pop it open after dinner and share. Before you know it, you’ll be up late waxing poetic about all the wonderful things you are grateful for.

“Drink Me” Wine Tote

Is your host or hostess not much of a scotch drinker? It’s hard to go wrong with a nice bottle of wine! Even better? Putting it in this adorable wine tote. The tote is tote-ally reusable too, so your host(ess) can show up to your next party with another great bottle of wine. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Dark Chocolate Toffee with Maine Sea Salt & Tellicherry Pepper

Maybe your host or hostess does not drink at all – doesn’t mean there isn’t a perfect non-alcoholic Thanksgiving gift out there for them. Chocolate is the way to go! These dark chocolate toffees are the perfect palette cleanser for after the big feast!

Cheese Log

This kitschy cheese log and ax-shaped cheese knife are adorable Thanksgiving gifts for any lumberjack or lumberjane host of yours! Put out a cheese plate in style and dominate the Thanksgiving appetizer game.


Do none of these dinner host gifts tickle your fancy? If you’re still looking for the perfect Thanksgiving gift, you can’t go wrong with flowers. The Bouqs Co. has fresh, farm-to-table next-day delivery options for those of you last minute planners, so there’s no need to show up to Thanksgiving empty-handed.

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