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New Yorkers, Never Order Ugly and Overpriced Flowers Again!

Sunset Orange Roses

Hello New York!

Have you heard the term time-crunch? Just kidding.

If you’ve ever ordered an ugly and painfully overpriced bouquet of flowers just because you were short on time and had no other option, keep reading. THIS IS FOR YOU.

We at The Bouqs Company (think beautiful, farm-direct flowers) have partnered with your LOCAL New York City florists to bring you the freshest, most beautiful, and affordable bouquets that you can possibly find!

Enter: The Bouqs Company Artisan Florist Collection.

We have a wide array of Bouqs, hand-crafted by your local Artisan florists: whether you’re looking for something Modern Chic, Cute, Cutting Edge, or Bohemian, we have something for you.

So next time you need to order flowers on the go, order a bouquet from one of our artisan florists: the flowers will be fresh, lively, and worth every penny. Did we mention we’ll deliver on demand in less than 2 hours?! Oh yeah, that too.


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