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New Yorkers, Never Order Ugly and Overpriced Flowers Again!

Sunset Orange Roses

Hello New York!

Have you heard the term time-crunch? Just kidding.

If you’ve ever purchased a painfully overpriced bouquet of flowers that’s wilted within days just because time crept up on you and you had no other option, keep reading: THIS IS FOR YOU!

We at The Bouqs Co. (think beautiful, farm-direct flowers) have partnered with your local New York City florists to offer you the most stunning, farm-fresh, and affordable flower arrangements that you can possibly find!

Enter: The Bouqs Co.’s Artisan Florist Collection.

We have a wide array of Bouqs, hand-crafted by your local Artisan florists: whether you’re looking for something Modern Chic, Cute, Cutting Edge, or Bohemian, we have something for you.

So next time you need to order flowers on the go, order a bouquet from one of our artisan florists: the flowers will be fresh, lively, and worth every penny. Did we mention we’ll deliver same-day and next-day as well? Oh yeah, that too.

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