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Mother’s Day Floral Live Class

Hi there! How fun was our Mother’s Day floral class? Thank you so much for joining. It was such a joy seeing you all celebrate and honor moms with flowers on this very memorable Mother’s Day. 

I’m reminded of how truly special flowers are and how they are a tangible marker for life’s precious moments. For me, flowers are deeply woven into my relationship with my mom. They are something that we can do together and something that we are both so passionate about.

If you couldn’t make it to our class, below is a step-by-step summary of what we did today with a few helpful tips and tricks on how to keep your flowers lasting longer. This can also serve as notes that you can refer back to when you’re practicing arranging at home. For those of you interested in practicing more often, we have two subscription options available on our website– The Pre Pay Option and Subscriptions. These are both great options to get you practicing more often and with different types of ingredients. You can also read some additional tips on selecting the perfect flowers for your mom.

Process Your Flowers

It’s important to process your flowers before getting them ready to arrange.  First, give them a fresh cut and make sure you’re trimming them at a 45-degree angle. Then, remove all of the leaves that will fall below the waterline. This will prevent bacteria from growing in the water.   

Separate Your Ingredients

Get yourself organized, and separate the flowers according to flower type. It helps to see everything grouped together and keeps the workspace tidy.

Start with greenery 

Start by filling the vase with your greenery. To make sure your greenery stays evenly distributed and balanced, alternate which side you add your stems on.  Save a few stems of greenery to add in later.

Layer in Accents  

Start adding your more textural elements and smaller blooms. Textural elements are things like solidago and waxflower, while smaller blooms are things like spray roses and poms. In this arrangement, our textural ingredients are alstroemeria and Bells of Ireland. The accents flowers are the yellow and white carnations.

Finish with Focals

At this point, you’ll start to notice obvious places to add in focal flowers. Begin adding in your focals, and place some towards the lip of the vase as well. This will ground your arrangement and keep the focals from eclipsing the other flowers. Our focals in this arrangement are the peach roses.

And there you have it–the basics steps for flower arranging. I hope you enjoyed our class, and I can’t wait to create with y’all again.  If you’re practicing at home, send me your designs! I would love to see what you’re working on. 

Happy flowering! 


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