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Made with Heart: From the Farm to Your Valentine

Magic Flowers Farmer Maria

Every February, millions of lovers, friends, and family say “I love you” with the gift of flowers. We know those moments matter to you, which is why they matter so much to us.  To ensure that the gift is worthy of the occasion, each Bouq in our Valentine’s Day Collection is sourced from farms that go above and beyond to deliver the best to your loved ones through environmentally responsible sourcing and a commitment to crafting with care.

We wanted to offer a few stories direct from the source, so we paid a visit to a couple of our South American farms to hear how they prepare for Valentine’s Day and guarantee every Bouq is Made With Heart!

A typical day at one of our Ecuadorian farms starts with a special team member who helps transport flowers across the field…

Donkey Carrying Flower Baskets

Domingo carrying one of our favorite flower types –– lilies!

“Domingo the donkey makes our day. He’s always positive and willing to help,” says farmer Johanna Neumann. With how he “helps us every morning with our boxes and flowers” and “takes them from the harvest to the post-harvest area” where the Bouqs are bunched, he is certainly a strong candidate for Employee of the Month!

Getting an early start is essential to a successful day at our flower farms. Every morning at 5 o’clock, Farmer-Owner Gino Descalzi and his team travel an hour from Quito to Cayambe to tend to the roses in their harvest, which he proudly calls “the best roses in the world.” Most of the farm’s employees have been working there for more than 20 years and consider Gino’s farm their second home.

Once the roses are harvested, they are handcrafted into the Bouqs we’re so proud to deliver to your doorstep, like Confetti and Genuine.

And Gino was sure to fill us in on why his roses are so incredible: “Our unique position next to the equator provides our flowers with unparalleled, year-round luminosity. This exposure to sunlight allows our flowers to show the industry’s most marked and vibrant colors –– highly visible upon arrival and long lasting throughout the life of our roses.”.

Fiorentina Flowers

A few members of our farm family sizing up a rose harvest

Because Valentine’s Day is one of our busiest times of the year, we work with our farm team to face the challenges of high volume head-on by planning for the holiday well in advance. There’s nothing we love more than receiving a kind note from a customer about how the big day went smoothly!

Ecuadorian farmer Maria Elvira de Saenz takes “hands on approach” to a whole new level to ensure each and every Bouq meets our quality standards. “I personally stand at the end of the production line to inspect every bouquet before going into its box,” she says. Now that is what we call #Bouqlove.

Maria and her team create our gorgeous Tropical Love Bouq, and they understand how important every Bouq is during Valentine’s Day. Her team is invested in delivering on our happiness guarantee, Maria told us, “During V-Day our post-harvest becomes a massive happiness delivery factory and we can all feel it… We just know each of our bouquets is important and carries emotions with it.”

How Bouqs are Made

Esteban Saenz at the farm

Maria’s partner on the farm, agronomist Esteban Saenz, is dedicated to the production of the flowers while Maria makes sure every design is handcrafted to perfection! To keep their team smiling during Valentine’s Day, they make sure extra supplies of food, coffee, and music are on hand at the farm.

And to keep your Valentine’s Day Bouq around as long as possible, Claudia Canaveral, one of our Colombian farmers and all around flower expert, offered these helpful insights: “Cut stems 1 to 1.5 inches and remove any foliage that may remain below the waterline. Place the stems in clean, disinfected vases with fresh water and flower food. Set the vase away from the direct sunlight and outside draft. And change water every 3 days!” Claudia’s farm makes some of our favorite Valentine’s Day Bouqs, Je T’aime and Delicate.

Who will you be sending a farm-fresh Valentine’s Day Bouq to? Head to our Instagram for more on Valentine’s Day and behind-the-scenes content from our amazing farmers.

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