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Holiday Guide for Long-Distance Relationships

Long Distance Relationship

Keep Them Closer With the Gift of Flowers

With our busy lives, it can become increasingly difficult to keep in touch with our loved ones. Sending a simple text to say “hey, I am thinking of you” has become the mainstay in all long-distance relationships, and we always make sure to video chat whenever and wherever we can. Without these gestures, our relationships could suffer from lack of care.

What if there was something you could do to put a smile on your loved one’s faces this winter? With the holidays fast approaching, the season of gift giving is upon us. Everyone loves to receive gifts in the mail, and a surprise flower delivery could be just the right thing to show that you really care. Here are some tips on how to make spending the holidays apart a little less depressing with the magic of flowers.

Try a Surprise Bouquet Delivery

Giving the gift of a lovely floral arrangement is the signature expression of love. Suppose you are unable to visit your grandmother for Christmas, and you know her favorite flowers are lilies. Bouqs offers many lively fresh-cut, farm-to-table beauties for you to choose from. To order a Bouq on our site, just input her address, select the perfect blooms, and have it delivered to her in just two days. Imagine the smile on her face and a warmth in her heart knowing you took the time to remember her in this deeply significant way.

Flowers are for Everyone

Guess what? Flowers aren’t just for girls! Dads can be pretty hard to buy for, especially if he’s the kind of guy who already seems to have everything. We bet he doesn’t have flowers, though! Don’t worry if he’s not a flower kind of guy. Head on over to our succulents section for a perfect, low maintenance Bouq of masculine greenery that your Dad would be proud to display on his coffee table.

The Classic Gift of Romance

Spending the holidays apart from your partner is one of those difficult things in life, and sometimes it’s simply unavoidable. Luckily, there are more ways than ever to send flowers. All you have to do is hop online and check out our unbeatable selection of super romantic Bouqs. When we think of romance, the color red comes to mind, as does the classic rose. Sending your lover a dozen red roses symbolizes romance, intimacy, and deep connections. With its rich red California Tea Roses, our Beloved Bouq says everything you ever wanted to say to your loved one.

Flowers Connect You  Across the Miles

We all have people in our lives that mean the world to us. Unfortunately, many of us are separated from family by thousands of miles or more, and spending the holidays apart has become routine. We understand how important it is to you to reach those dearest to you, so we offer Nationwide Shipping for just $9. To shorten those miles between you, we offer some of the most beautiful flowers that are perfect for each of your loved ones. Whatever what your occasion may be, our fresh-cut, seasonal blooms are sure to give that special person a feeling of comfort and sense of nearness, no matter how far apart you are.

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