Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Gifts for Your Long-Distance Mom

Long-Distance Mom Gifts

Not all of us have the privilege of being physically close to our wonderful moms. Maybe you and her live in different cities, different states, on opposite coasts, or even across the world from each other!

But as they say, “distance makes the heart grow fonder” and you can definitely keep up the love with Mother’s Day gifts for your long-distance mom. Here a few of our picks for sustaining the love from far away:


Herb Garden Starter Kit

Sometimes the best gift to give is a brand-new hobby, and what better way to bring some life to any home or patio than an herb garden starter kit?

Anyone would be pleasantly surprised by how rewarding it feels to grow their own food. In fact, anyone can benefit from having some new plant babies in their homes! Sending your long-distance mom their own herb garden is the best way to freshen up someone’s space from afar.

The Ultimate Care Package

Remember all those care packages you used to receive from your mom back in band camp or college? There’s no doubt that getting mail from home was always the best feeling, so maybe it might be time to give back some of the love we received.

People could always use a reminder that they’re still in someone’s thoughts, even from far away. That’s why gifting your mom a care package would be a great way to send along that sweet message of “I miss you, and I’m thinking of you!” This one, in particular, includes an 8-ounce natural soy candle, a bath bomb, a moisturized lip balm, organic body butter, and organic body spray – because we like to keep it real!

Long-Distance Lamp

Who knew lighting up a loved one’s life across the state or across the globe could be so easy? A long-distance lamp can help connect you with your mom no matter where they are in the world. Just give yours a tap and your mother dearest’s will emit a glow to let them know you’re thinking of them. You can even assign her lamp a special color to make it more personalized!

Relaxation Bath Caddy

If you know your mom could use a break (or two), then you would also know that she can probably appreciate a good soak in the tub. If you want to elevate her bath experiences, gifting her a bath caddy should have her feeling so much more relaxed and free to bring some goodies along.

This bath caddy in particular allows your special loved one to keep all her essentials close, like a book, tablet, or a glass of wine. You can even personalize this gift with a personalized message and monogram, to make it extra special!


All-in-all, we can agree that distance can be hard but just as rewarding for the times you get to reunite with your mother dearest. But what’s even more rewarding is having your long-distance mom find a farm-fresh bouquet of flowers on her doorstep! Need some advice on which flowers to select? Read our post on choosing the right flowers for Mother’s Day.

Who said distance meant you couldn’t complete Mother’s Day with some eco-friendly blooms? Not us! Shop our collection of petals fit for the holiday.

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