Local Summer City Guide With Seasonal Bouqs!

Local Summer City Guide

🌷 There’s no place like home, especially during the summer. Yes, travelling abroad has its perks (who could say no to sightseeing in Prague or swimming the beaches of Santorini?) but exploring your own neighborhood is its own special staycation. Perhaps there is a new art exhibit you’ve been meaning to check out, or a rooftop lounge that all your city’s visitors rave about that has been on your bucket list for years. Your hometown is a treasure chest of possibilities that opens up during the summertime, and our seasonal Bouqs are ready to come along for the ride.

We checked in with a few of friends around the country who did some of their own local travelling this month with our summer Bouqs in tow. These ladies prove that there’s no city quite like your city! Their adventures may inspire you to build a city guide of your own sacred place.

📍Nantucket, MA.

White Peruvian Lilies with Drink

Coffee-obsessed Georgie of @init4thelongrun brought our new summer Bouq ‘Poolside’ along for the ride during her routine morning stop at Roastd General Store. This local hangout doubles as a coffee shop and wellness store that sells unique knick-knacks and treats.

📍 Malibu, CA.

Child Smelling Pink Peonies

Jenn, a.k.a. @theoverwhelmedmommy, has an overly cute daughter who loves pink peonies! She brought our fresh peonies Bouq ‘Leo’ with them during a family road trip to the Kanan Road View Site in Malibu to watch the sunset.

📍Castle Rock, CO.

Summertime Flower Bouquets

Living in Colorado means limitless options for outdoors adventures. @Andrea.Coonrad hosted a picnic with her gals at Gateway Mesa State Park and treated them to fresh flowers in the form of our festive and colorful ‘Birthday Bouq’!

📍San Diego, CA.

Couple Holding Beach Flowers

When SoCal residents @Bri.Dietz and her husband want to steal away for the weekend, they visit the beaches of San Diego. A couple of places on their stop include local-favorite The Taco Stand and then George’s at the Cove for drinks. Our tropical Bouq ‘Mai Tai’ certainly fits their romantic getaway theme.

📍Nashville, TN

Lounging with Sunflowers

The Gulch neighborhood is one of Sara’s favorite hotspots near downtown Nashville. Filled with unique shops and restaurants, @indiefoxx says it’s where she always brings friends and family when they come to visit. Glad our ‘Hello Sunshine’ Bouq was in town to join the tour 😊.

Now it’s your turn! Share your local city adventures with us using #Bouqlove, or follow along for more adventures on our Instagram.

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