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Celebrating International Women’s Day With The Talented Women of The Bouqs Co

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The Bouqs Company is proud to support the many women leaders running our farms and florist locations in the U.S. and South America. With International Women’s Day coming up on March 8, we wanted to shine a light on three women who rock!

We asked farmer-owners Maria and Juanita, and florists Jennifer and Nicole what it’s like being female business owners. Their hard work, dedication and knack for design are what help make our Bouqs great. Check out their inspiring responses below.  

Flamingo Bouq by Farmer Maria

Flamingo Bouq by Farmer Maria

1. As a female business owner, how do you see your role impacting or empowering women?

Juanita: I think that women are playing a stronger role in today’s world. I’d like to think that examples of women as CEOs around the world provide some support for future generations to see that gender, although different, does not make us more or less. Hard work and results go hand-in-hand.

Maria: I really consider there is no difference between a woman or a man owning a business professionally; it doesn’t have any impact. However, running a flower business and being a woman does make a difference when talking about sensitivity and the feeling expressed with our product.

Jennifer & Nicole: As female business owners, we are excited that we can play a small part in offering women the career opportunities they deserve. Within the floral business is a lovely sisterhood where we all try to help guide and support each other’s creativity.

2. Are there any difficulties you have faced as a female entrepreneur/business owner?

Juanita: I would say that particularly in Latin American countries where culturally our older generations grew up with more of a “macho” culture, women entrepreneurs faced a bit of resistance from society. However, I think that this is changing quite a bit and today you see quite a few women business owners that relate very well to people and inspire, and I think this is what’s really important.

Maria: I have faced several difficulties, some easier to overcome than others. But the most difficult one I could say is how to share my time among all the responsibilities I have as a business owner, mother and wife.

Jennifer & Nicole: Sadly, yes. As awareness of inequality issues for working women grows and evolves, there are still so many challenges for us in regards to career paths and business ownership. I think the key to weathering some of these challenges is to have conviction and always stay true to what you believe.

Marvelous Bouq by Farmer Juanita

Marvelous Bouq by Farmer Juanita

3. What are you proudest of as a female business owner?

Juanita: I am really proud of the company which I have run for over 20 years. Proud of what we have grown thanks to thousands of female hands that every day leave their homes to bring better opportunities to their families and give our company their best handmade products to satisfy our customers. They are our big treasure, they are the heart of this company.

Maria: I am able to teach our workers the fundamentals of floral compositions, color combinations and textures. Magic Flowers farm is surrounded by mango, cacao and bananas plantations, where the machete was the instrument known by the communities around.

Jennifer & Nicole: We are so proud of our Fiore family, our connections with extremely talented and generous people. We have the honor of collaborating with lovely women who help nurture our design process and help find our own voices as creative forces. The strength of our working bond is the result of our ever evolving friendship.

4. What, or who, motivates you every day?

Juanita: I think that my three children are a great source of motivation and have been all my life. But finding new ways of doing things in a 40-year-old industry is rewarding as well. Watching the new generation of children involved in the business is also inspiring.

Maria: I value the trust and enthusiasm of my team and the continuity of the family business I established with my husband.

Jennifer & Nicole: I think all of us at Fiore motivate each other. We support one another, fuel each other’s ideas and creativity, and whole heartedly have each others backs! Fiore Designs is a beautiful manifestation of our love for the creative process, nature, art, collaboration and producing… an evolving collection of inspirations.

Fiore Designs Flower Bouquet Designers

The team at Fiore Designs.

5. Advice for fellow female business owners that you would like to share?

Juanita: Hard work always pays off. Never give up!

Maria: First, believe there is no difference in business, between men and woman.

Jennifer & Nicole: Stay positive and don’t take anything too personally.  You never know where someone else is coming from or what struggles they have faced.

In addition to their talent and passion for flowers, Maria and Juanita also empower their employees to participate in programs that give back. From educational programs that help employees finish their elementary and high school degrees to ecological programs that help preserve flowers native to the Amazon Rainforest facing extinction.

We’re inspired by the positive impact the women in our #BouqsFam has on their local communities. How are you celebrating the women in your life this week? Continue the International Women’s Day celebration with us on Instagram, where we’ll be sharing more stories all week long.

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