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The Most Gorgeous, Inexpensive Flowers from The Bouqs Co.

Inexpensive Bouqs Flowers

We all already know that flowers make a great gift for every occasion. Whether it’s birthdays, anniversaries, a loved one getting a promotion at work, or just that you want someone to know you love them, fresh cut flowers are a classic, thoughtful way to do it.

Luckily, you don’t have to break the bank to spread the love! The Bouqs Co. has plenty of inexpensive flowers that are just as beautiful as the fanciest, most expensive arrangement, with the same fresh, farm-to-table quality. If you are looking for inexpensive flowers, try our weekly deal on bouquets. We update our deal of the week every Wednesday so check back and look for your favorite Bouq!

Here are a selection of previous bouquets we’ve offered as flower deals:


Did you know you could send your sweetie the magic of a unicorn for less than $50? Unicorn is bursting with joyous ranunculus, mini calla lilies, and, of course, tons of magic.


Filled with some of the best cut flowers in elegant pinks and purples, this Bouq is way more glam than its reasonable price suggests. This arrangement contains both coral roses and purple hydrangeas and will have you (or whoever you send it to) feeling like royalty.

Cake ‘N’ Cream

Don’t listen to the naysayers – you really can have your cake and eat it too! This affordable Bouq is so luscious with its bold primary colors and thriving greens, you might just want to eat it up!


This Bouq really is “fortified” with fiery sunshine vibes. The roses’ unique yellow and red two-tone color will make you feel like you’re eating a big stick popsicle!


There is nothing sweeter than this Bouq filled with fluffy, marshmallow-like ranunculus, with accents of purple larkspur. The only thing sweeter would be this Bouq served with ice cream.

Then and Now

This Bouq is as beautiful as a sunset, and just as accessible at less than forty dollars. Composed of pink-orange carnations and garden roses, it adds a happy pop of color to any room.

An Elegant Twist

The real twist is that you can get such an elegant bundle for under fifty dollars. This sophisticated Bouq comes with eight violet and ivory calla lilies, regal enough for the queen in your life.

Extra Credit

Who doesn’t love someone who goes the extra mile? Send an A+ friend or loved one this A+ Bouq, and show the overachiever in your life some appreciation with bright yellow sunflowers, white hypericum, green ruscus, and blue eryngium thistle.


Gather around the campfire and let me tell you about this beautiful bundle of flowers! Arranged with orange ranunculus and ornamental kale, this Bouq’s mesmerizing colors will have you feeling as warm and cozy as you would feel sitting around the campfire making s’mores.

Corn Maze

This may be the only corn maze so beautiful that you will never want to find your way out of it! Including yellow roses, yellow gerbera daisies, and purple alstresia scorpions, these inexpensive flowers will brighten up anyone’s day, not to mention your wallet.


We’ll be the first to remind you that you can find some of the best cut flowers everywhere on the price spectrum, even if you’re (hopefully!) shopping locally or sustainably. Fancy flowers are not necessarily any more beautiful – or health-promoting! – than inexpensive flowers.

But whether none of these fresh cut flowers tickle your fancy, or you just really want to go all out with something more lavish, we’ve got you covered at The Bouqs Co.

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