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How We Celebrate Friendship Day: An Employee BFF Spotlight!

Flower Bouquets for Friends

Sunday, August 6 is Friendship Day –– maybe one of the best moments of the year to surprise your pal with fresh blooms. And, since we like to consider you a part of our inner circle, we figured this was the perfect time to introduce you to some of our in-office pals. Because friends make us love what we do even more!

We interviewed a handful of Bouqs buddies and even had them choose a Bouq to describe their sidekick. Check out their (adorable) responses below.

Data + Daydreaming: Shiel Love & Brandon Brown

Friendship Floral Bouquets

At first glance, data and creative writing don’t seem to go together. Maybe that’s what makes this pair so unique. Shiel, SEO Manager, and Brandon, our Copywriter, were actually friends before joining The Bouqs Co. team (small world, huh?) and sync up to prove that left- and right-brained approaches to problem-solving don’t have to be opposed.

As Shiel puts it, “We’re just on the same page.” Brandon (blushing through his beard) translates Shiel’s knack for search engine optimization (SEO) as a superpower: “Shiel has the ability to see the future.”

Fun fact: Shiel & Brandon were the only pair of employees to choose the same Bouq for each other –– our Energetic Bouq. Way to go, guys.

Two VPs in a Pod: Mary Langford & Stephanie Redmon

Bouquets for Friends

In chatting with Mary Langford, VP of Customer Experience, and Stephanie Redmon, VP of Product, one word kept coming up –– partnership. These two have been friends for over 3 years, and while they head up different teams at The Bouqs Co., they both focus on creating a great experience for each and every customer.

Mary describes Stephanie as the kind of person who “does anything for anybody. She wears a generosity halo day in and day out.” (Where can we get one of those?) When given the option to sum up Mary with a Bouq, she didn’t hesitate to select Loyal, noting that Mary always goes out of her way to offer support that makes our team-focused culture here shine.

Can You Feel the Love? Aimee Harp & Samantha Obra

Friendship Bouquets

Sometimes you meet someone, and it just clicks. That’s how it was for Aimee and Sam, our Biz Dev Coordinator and Wedding Team Account Executive. The two started within a couple weeks of one another and became fast friends.

Hang out with them long enough, and they may try to convince you of their joint gift of telepathy. “Sam reads my mind,” says Aimee, which must come in handy when Aimee bakes a batch of pumpkin goodies to share.

Aimee selected our Eternal Bouq for Sam, because the roses reminded her of how “gorgeous, put together, and elegant” she is. Not to mention how the bright pink will “pop against the black she typically wears.” (Everybody needs a friend who knows them that well!)

Aren’t they all just too cute? Select a Bouq from our Friendship Day collection and make sure to let us know! Tag us on IG and Twitter @thebouqsco and use #Bouqlove when you post. As always, we’re thankful to call you “friend!”

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