How to Upcycle Your Bouqs Delivery Box

Here at The Bouqs Co. we’re all about living more sustainably… and we know you probably are too! So instead of tossing out or simply recycling your Bouqs delivery box, why not upcycle it? Read on to learn how to create a simple supply box that you can use to store items under your bed, desk or in your closet!


  • Box cutter or scissors
  • Ruler
  • Permanent marker or pencil
  • Hot glue gun
  • Optional: Wrapping or contact paper for decorating


  1. Grab your empty Bouqs box. Start by cutting off both side flaps. Set aside and keep. (These will become the center divider and section inserts for your supply box)
  2. Take the wider flap and cut off the smaller portion (the part that’s inserted into the closed box) so that the widest piece becomes a rectangle.
  3. Then, cut the “ears” off of the smaller portion and discard.
  4. Take the smaller portion (now without “ears”) and insert it into the center of your Bouqs box. (This is now your box’s center divider)
  5. Get your hot glue gun; glue the center divider into place.
  6. Grab the wide rectangle piece, ruler and permanent marker/pencil. Measure and mark the center point and draw a vertical line down the center.
  7. Get your box cutter/scissors; cut along the center line until you have two separate pieces.
  8. Take one of the two newly cut pieces and measure along the width of the Bouqs box, lining up one end with the edge of the box and marking a vertical line at the other edge. Do this twice on the same piece.
  9. Cut along each vertical line with your box cutter/scissors. You should now have two small rectangles.
  10. Measure and mark the center point of each small rectangle, then draw a line halfway down vertically.
  11. Take your box cutter/scissors and cut along each vertical half-line. (These are now your box’s section inserts)
  12. Place the section inserts into your box with the cut slit on the center divider. Adjust accordingly.
  13. Start organizing by placing items to store in your supply box!

 Optional: Decorate the outside of the box with wrapping/contact paper.

Ta-da! Now you have your very own upcycled supply box for storing shoes, accessories and other knick-knacks. Share your supply boxes with us using #Bouqlove!

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