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How to Take a Pokémon GO Relationship to the Next Level

Pikachu Yellow Roses

Have you been playing Pokémon GO? If you haven’t, you are missing out on an opportunity to one, capture Pokémon everywhere you go, and two, pick up other singles with your Charizard knowledge.

If you don’t know, Pokémon GO is a virtual reality meets real world game app you can download to your phone, which enables you to capture Pokémon. But in order to get the little guys, you have to be out and about, walking around. The Pokémon’s locations on the map are not unique to just you, others will see their locations as well, meaning people will end up in the same place trying to make their captures. This is a golden opportunity to do some digit capturing as well, because hey, you already have a similar interest.

How do you take things from the initial Poké-meet to an actual date?

Step 1. We suggest sending a text along the lines of:

  • Text Option 1: Hey it was onyx-pected to run into such a cutie.
  • Text Option 2: I wanted to raichu a quick message and say hunting Pokémon with you was the best. Do it again sometime?
  • Text Option 3: I hope this doesn’t seem oddish, but I would love to evolve meeting you, into a date. Whataya say?

Step 2. Next, once they have been charmed by your extremely clever texts, take them on a date.

  • Date Option 1: Picnic in the park. Hit up your nearest market, grab some cheese and crackers, maybe a nice fruit salad, a sparkly beverage, and a blanket. Eat your snacks, and then get to Pokémon hunting. But btw, don’t hunt for Pokémon on date two, because that would start to get a little redundant, and possibly weird.
  • Date Option 2: Sushi Dinner. Sushi is Japanese, and Pokémon is Japanese. Plus, sushi is a great date food because you share with each other, try new and interesting nibbles, and the restaurants’ settings are usually intimate, modern, and trendy. In general, très flirty. If you are in need of some sushi recommendations, check out Thrillist’s Best 21 Sushi Restaurants in America.
  • Date Option 3: Little Japan and Karaoke. Most metropolitan areas have a Japanese neighborhood. Take your pokédate to explore the shops and food kiosks. There are bound to be fun, inexpensive things to try. Afterwards, go for a round of karaoke. If you are not feeling brave, just watch. *Fingers crossed* someone does a terrible Britney or Madonna, and the two of you can have a good giggle.

Pokemon Flower Bouquet

Step 3: Declare your adoration. Obviously your date went well. Now you need to express that you like, like them. Is there a better way than by sending some fresh-from-the- farm flowers from The Bouqs Company? There is no better way.

Our favorite Bouq for the occasion would have to be our red and white roses. Why? Because it looks like a Pokéball, and this is after all, a poké-lationship. But then again, our golden spray roses are perfect for the Pikachu fans out there. Your choice.

P.S. Don’t forget about our wedding flowers. Clearly this is heading to the alter. You’re welcome.





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