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Best Subscription Box Gifts for the Holidays

Monthly Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes can be an unfamiliar concept for a lot of us, but they’re actually simpler than you think. With just a click of a button, you can have the subscription service work its magic for you while you wait for your package to show up on your doorstep. Plus, they’re not just the perfect way to treat yourself but another loved one too!

If you’re stuck on what to gift someone in your life for the upcoming holidays, opting for a subscription service might be your best bet. We have a few of our personal favorites for you to choose from, so without further ado, here are some of the best monthly subscription boxes that are the perfect surprise gifts for your unsuspecting loved ones!


Party Favors

We all have that one person in our social circles who’s just the life of the party. They know all the useful party hacks, like chilling your wine with some frozen fruit, and they’re just fun to be around at any gathering. That’s why we think this DIY cocktail kit will continue their bartender legacy, and we’re sure they’ll love experimenting with different drinks and flavors!

The SaloonBox subscription box provides the spirits and other craft cocktail goods that are sure to bring your recipient one step closer to becoming an expert mixologist! Each box has enough for 4 or more cocktails, and they even include recipe cards to help them create the perfect cocktail.

Adventurous Foodie

Some of the best parts of traveling to a different country is trying out the different cultural cuisine. If your recipient is the type who just loves to venture out into the world, we’ve got the perfect monthly subscription box that brings the world to them!

Try the World is a subscription service that allows you to choose whether you want to have a selection of snacks or gourmet foods delivered to your home. Every month, your recipient will find a box of unique food or snack items on their doorstep – all from different parts of the world! This gift is perfect for all the adventurous eaters out there, or those who want to sample a bit of the cuisine from their dream vacation destination.

Sweet Tooth

Got a loved one who just can’t get enough of some of the sweet treats the world has to offer? Satisfy their sweet tooth with a candy subscription!

InstaCandy is a monthly subscription that delivers a curated selection of delicious candies to your recipient’s door. After filling out a bit of information, the subscription service will work its magic and bring a collection of sweets that are sure to wow the recipient without a doubt! Every month offers a different selection of unique candies that are just impossible to resist.

Game Night

If game nights are your recipient’s idea of fun, then we definitely recommend looking into a board game subscription box. Awesome Pack is a subscription service that delivers some fun-filled, jam-packed board games for all ages. Whether your recipient plans on decking it out with family or friends, Awesome Pack will bring together a collection of the perfect board and card games to match their interests.

The subscription service makes sure to carefully hand pick products that are sure to bring on some added “wow” factors to every game night. Plus, it’s easy to sign up. In just two steps, your loved one will receive a box of fun waiting to happen!

Flower Power

As the saying goes: the gift that keeps on giving! Flowers are the perfect gift for those who just love keeping their homes fresh and fragrant, and who said that you can’t send flowers according to your own schedule hassle-free?

Here at The Bouqs, we offer a subscription service that helps any online shopper save 20% on our arrangements and get free delivery! Just when you thought this deal couldn’t be sweeter, you get to decide when these flowers get delivered to your recipient throughout the year. That’s right, you have the power to set up how regularly you want these farm-fresh blooms shipped out!

So what are you waiting for? Go out there and give the gift that keeps on giving; whether it’s party drinks or sustainable flowers, try out one of these subscription boxes for the upcoming holidays!

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