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Gifts for Different Types of Women in Your Life

Celebrating International Women's Day

There is just so much to appreciate about a woman. Not only are they resilient, hard-working, and just all-around wonderful, the women in our life have always supported us in any way they could! Whether you needed advice, a listening ear, or even a fantastic brunch recommendation in the area, they’ve got you covered since day 1.

That’s why we think it’s only fair that we return the favor every once in a while!

Holidays like International Women’s Day allows us to reflect on everything our favorite women have done to make us better people. And of course, the best way to let them know just how much you appreciate them is to send along gifts for her! If you are looking to show off some extra love to the lovely ladies around you, check out our gift guide for all the different personalities in your life.


The #GirlBoss

We all know that one person who just seems to have it all together. She’s the gal that everyone can’t help but respect and love – that’s right, the #GirlBoss! While a #GirlBoss is quite the busy bee, balancing their life at home with work, she’s sharp, cool, and oh-so-professional. However, because they have a ton of things to juggle throughout the day, they might have a tough time staying organized.

Any boss lady deserves a peace of mind (and a lot less clutter on their shoulders), which is why we think this chic backpack from KROSER deserves shout-out! Not only is it stylish, but it’s also super practical due to its size and multiple compartments so space is definitely not an issue.

Also every #GirlBoss is likely on the move often while they’re working hard, which is why they might find their electronic devices losing juice more than they’d like. This multi-device charging dock and organizer is perfect for making sure all your electronics are prepped to last for the rest of your busy day.

The Makeup Artist

Makeup is almost any woman’s (and even some men’s) most powerful weapon. Whether she’s getting ready to go out for just her daily routine or she’s prepping for a special occasion, cosmetics have always been the go-to when it comes to leaving the house feeling more than ready!

If your special lady is a fan of all things beauty, then they would definitely appreciate watching herself glow up – literally! This tri-fold vanity mirror lights up to make sure your favorite makeup artist can see her work as clearly as possible.

Or maybe your beauty lover is just stocked full of brushes, lipsticks, eyeliner, foundation, primer, shadows, you name it! With so many products, it can be hard to keep track of where anything is, which is why gifting her a makeup organizer like this one can help them spend less time rummaging through their collection and more time actually getting ready.

The Cozy Homebody

We all have that one friend who just loves everything about the great indoors. After all, what more can a girl need than a stable Wi-Fi connection and their favorite streaming services! While most people might mistake a homebody as someone who just stays cooped up in their room all day, they just genuinely love spending time to themselves, and we totally respect that.

The Adults and Crafts subscription box allows all the lovely homebodies out there develop some new indoor hobbies. This subscription service will send all the materials, tools and instructions needed to create a work of art your lady friend will be proud of! The projects can vary from wood-working to clock-making and more.

If your favorite homebody has more of a green thumb, then indoor plants are your best bet! Whether they’re just starting out as a new plant mom or have a few plants of her own, it doesn’t hurt to gift her even more potted friends to add to her collection. Plus, there’s always that bonus of welcoming some added freshness into your recipient’s home!

The Fitness Fan

She’s the friend who you go to for all health tips, the one carrying around a green smoothie in the morning and hitting the gym more often than you can imagine. You can also rely on them to know about all the new trendy work-out routines too!

Fuel their knowledge by gifting your workout buddy with a ClassPass subscription, a monthly fitness membership that allows anyone to take a bunch of fitness classes of choice. Not only are you encouraging your favorite fitness fan to try new things, you’re helping them along their health journey as well!

Of course, anyone who likes to work out needs the right gear to stay active. That’s why these options for stylish leggings probably make some of the best gifts for anyone who’s into fitness. They even have pockets – so practical!

The Music Lover

They’re the friend who knows the lyrics to pretty much every song that comes on the radio, and they just seem to have the right playlist for everything – from chill nights at home to long road trips in need of a quick pick-me-up!

Help them bring home a night of karaoke with the Singstation Classic Karaoke System, a portable karaoke machine that syncs up to any smartphone app that allows the user to sing their heart out on-the-go. This fun gadget can make an entertaining gift for all music lovers, but also open up more opportunities for fun nights in with friends and family!

If you know your music lover likes to jam out to tunes whenever and wherever, then you can amplify their listening experience by adding a bit of a light show. This LED color-changing light bulb and Bluetooth speaker allows her to bring a party on-the-go by blasting their favorite playlists and watching the lights change color for an added entertainment factor!


The Bouqs Co. always wants to make sure people are left feeling loved and appreciated, and for holidays like International Women’s Day, we want to make a special shout-out to all the ladies who have done so much for the rest of us! Celebrate the beauty and power that comes with being a woman by gifting your favorite gal pals a meaningful and thoughtful gift.

Our farm-fresh floral collection is specially curated for those who deserve that much-needed token of appreciation. Shop from us today and let any loved one know just how much they mean to you!

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