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With social distancing being the cool thing to do, we wanted to make celebrating in quarantine a lil’ easier for you. Transform your home (and help your guests transform theirs) into the best bday scene ever…while celebrating a birthday during a global pandemic. We designed three party packets that provide guaranteed fun, and we’ve helped plan out all the activity inspo you need. We (obviously) recommend birthday flower delivery for the one you’re celebrating. Each celebration outlined below includes the Bouq we think brings out the best for the party’s vibe. No forgotten birthdays this year!

Pick Your Party

Social Soirée 

Download Your Party Packet!

Did you know bright colors can lift your mood? Get in the birthday spirit by sending Magnetic to the guest of honor (even if it’s you, because treat yo-self). It’s like that friend who always makes you smile, but in Bouq form. So, get your nearest and dearest together via Zoom, and send them this packet first to prep! It features some printables, including a party hat template, birthday banner, and coloring pages, plus a virtual background for Zoom and a Spotify playlist to help get everyone in the spirit. 

Once everyone’s signed on, with their hats and banners (and/or virtual backgrounds), use this guide to party like it’s 2020. 


Fantasy Draft:  Sunflowers, roses, and mums make for a pretty fabulous trio. Make up a fantasy draft with your fave popular trios, like Destiny’s Child; Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe; S’mores (graham cracker + chocolate + marshmallow)…you get the idea. First, decide what order guests will draft their picks, starting with the guest of honor. Then, go around selecting trios until everyone has 3-5 picks (or depending how long you want to play)! Every fantasy team drafted is a winner here.

Pictionary: On Zoom, when going to share a screen, there’s a whiteboard option. Have a list of things to draw — perhaps a few about who you’re celebrating — and divide your guests into two teams. Privately send whoever’s turn it is something from your list to draw, and watch them attempt to recreate it on their whiteboard as their team guesses what’s being drawn. Just make sure the opposite team is muted when guesses are being shouted out!

Scavenger HuntMake a few lists of items for people to look for around the house. Kick it up with themes! For example, the first round can be about quarantine survival (think puzzles, hand sanitizer, and sourdough starter), the second about whoever you’re celebrating (like a favorite book, food, a signature accessory, etc.), and so on. 

Dance Party 

Is there a better ending than dancing it out? Is this a trick question? Our playlist will help you get started movin’ and groovin’. 

Chillaxed Celebration

Download Your Party Packet!

Get ready for a quarantine and chill to remember. Not everyone loves celebrating a birthday, so this guide should sweeten things up a bit.


This may be a smidge obvious, but we have reasons for giving you decorations beyond how festive they look! Our surroundings truly have an impact on our emotional states. Plus, placing fresh flowers indoors can affect one’s physical and mental well-being in the best way. While decreasing stress, flowers can amplify energy levels, boost someone’s mood, or even help with sleep. Match the party decor with one of our sweetest Bouqs, Buttercream.


Have a little tea time. Invite your guests to share a cuppa, but to keep it easy and relaxed, create some structure for chitchat. Give your guests a prompt ahead of time, like sharing their favorite or funniest or most heartwarming stories about the guest of honor. Set a time limit per person. (We find the five-minute mark works great.) Be sure to cheers your teacups on-screen, just not on the screen. 

Throw a Netflix Party

Streaming a show with your friends is 2020’s version of a trip to the movies. Download the Netflix Party extension in Chrome, which allows for everyone to watch at the same time AND has a chat room to all discuss what’s happening. Choose your show or film of choice — we’ve personally been really into The Big Flower Fight —and start streaming.

Family Friendly Fun

Download Your Party Packet!

Fun fact: gerbera daisies symbolize cheerfulness! How to add a whole lotta that? Insert: this packet, filled with the prettiest pics of I Heart You. Extra points for sending the Bouq to the guest of honor, because trust us when we say it adds some je ne sais quoi to that social media post. This packet isn’t just a pretty face. Oh no…it’ll keep your kiddos busy putting together hats and banners. This may or may not count as you sending free time to the parents of your guests to watch a show, take a nap, or a deep breath. Nbd.

Dress Up!

 We recommend having a dress-up theme. May we suggest Garden Chic? (We’d love to see the creativity that goes along with this one, so please tag us on Instagram @thebouqsco!) Other themes we love: On the Farm, Disney characters, Under the Sea, and In the Kitchen!

Color Together 

Invite everyone to grab those coloring pages, some crayons, colored pencils, or markers, and set some time for the kids (parents optional!) to get creative. After whatever amount of time you choose, have each kid present their work on Zoom. 

Freeze Dance 

Set up the Spotify playlist (included), and play freeze dance on Zoom. Make sure everyone is both in the frame of the camera, and has his or her sound muted to prevent any interference. As you start and stop, those who keep moving need to sit…but not for long. Whoever wins gets to pick the next song for a good ol’ dance party to bust their silliest moves!

Birthday Bloom Dessert Decorating

 See what a Bouq can spark in your kids’ imaginations. Make sure everyone is prepped with a baked good (homemade or not, no judgement). Using the pretty pictures from the packet as inspo, instruct everyone to use icing, edible glitter, sprinkles, or anything else on hand to decorate the cake, cupcake, rice krispie treat, and all the other yummy things that show up. 

Make a Wish

As you virtually cheers to another trip around the sun, we hope these party packets make celebrating a little bit brighter (and easier). May all your dreams come true!

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