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Friendship Day Quiz With Our Founders!

John Tabis JP Montufar Friendship Day

National Friendship Day is more than just an Internet holiday. It’s the day where we get to officially show our friends just how much we appreciate them for those late night chats, early morning hikes, and dessert-first mentality. Friendship Day means even more to us here at The Bouqs Co. because our company was co-founded by two best friends, John Tabis and J.P. Montufar.

To celebrate Friendship Day on August 4th, we wanted to quiz these two friends to uncover just how well they know each other (ala The Newlywed Game). So, who got the most answers correct? Read on to find out which founder came out on top!

  • Question: What is J.P.’s favorite movie?

John guessed: Ugh, I don’t know. I’m going to guess something semi-legit because J.P. is so ‘cultured’.

J.P.’s answer: Rushmore

Anything by Wes Anderson can be considered semi-legit and cultured, so we’ll give this one to John.

  • Question: What is John’s favorite movie?

J.P. guessed: Can’t Hardly Wait

John’s answer: The Lord of the Rings

Those are…very different movies with little in common. No points for J.P!

  • Question: What is John’s favorite band?

J.P. guessed: Sexual Chocolate

John’s answer: Old Dominion

Fun fact: Sexual Chocolate is the name of the band that John and J.P. formed when they attended college together at Notre Dame!

  • Question: What was J.P’s first car?

John guessed: Some kind of truck.

J.P.’s answer: Either the Tiny Dancer (93 Plymouth Voyager) or El Miserable (86 Toyota Land Cruiser).

Yes, those are both trucks (saved you a Google search). Another point for our CEO.

  • Question: What words would John use to describe himself?

J.P.’s answer: Driven, honest, family-man

John’s answer: Driven/passionate, loyal, family-first

Pretty much 3/3! You can tell these two have been friends for about the last 20 years. 

  • Question: Where did you first meet?

John’s answer: 1996, Dillon Hall, Notre Dame

J.P.’s answer: 1997, Dillon Hall, Notre Dame

Close enough. Overall, John answered the most questions correctly. Congrats, John!

To continue the Friendship Day fun, we also did a profile on a few friendships that have formed at The Bouqs HQ…this is one you’ll definitely want to check out. Read: Celebrating Friendship Day With Our Office Furbabies

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