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Five Occasions to Give a Bouq to a Friend

Friendship Flowers

Ideally, your best friend is someone you can always count on for a chat and an afternoon latte. When life gets you down, she is there to pick you up. So why not tell your bestie how much she rocks with a sustainable, artisan bouquet of fresh cut flowers? Bouqs offers the perfect option for a surprise flower delivery, sent straight to your friend’s office or home.

Sure, we tend to associate flower delivery with romantic occasions – and if not romance, then the somber affair of sympathy for a family loss, or a polite way to thank someone we don’t know very well. And trust us – we’re all for those occasions! The best thing about fresh flowers is that they’re the perfect gift for almost anything.

And that’s exactly what makes flowers such a great way to surprise not just your partner or your mother-in-law, but also your trusted best pal. So we’re here to expand your mind with some less conventional ways to brighten your bestie’s day with the joy of fresh cut flowers!


A Simple Yet Refined Birthday Gift Idea

For many of us, gone are the days of lavish birthday parties where our friends shower us with gifts like the newest Barbie or Pokemon deck. We’ve matured, and so have our celebrations. Cue an elegant Bouq of sweet-smelling flowers to add a touch of beauty to your BFF’s home or office.

Flowers are the classiest birthday gift idea because they’re both gorgeous and functional, and they have such rich symbolism that you can really personalize the flowers to match your bestie’s sensibilities. Whether you deliver them in person or send them to her work or home, no best pal can resist the joy of a surprise Bouq on their special day.

Make a Memory of a Milestone

So your BFF just signed the lease on her new apartment. Congratulations are in order! And with all that freedom and space, what could be better than a lovely bouquet of fresh cut flowers? Highlight her achievement with a surprise flower delivery to her new digs. Fresh cut flowers are not only a thoughtful way to say congrats – especially if you go for something symbolic like sunflowers or orchids – but they’re also a perfect house- or apartment-warming gift. 

Pick Her Up When She’s Down

Life can sometimes throw a curveball, and we may find our beloveds down in the dumps. If you need to cheer up your bestie after a bad break up, a delivery of bright roses will remind her that she can make it through anything! Or maybe she had her hopes up for a job promotion, and is bummed that someone else beat her to it. Make sure she knows she’s still number one to you, no matter what, with some beautiful freesia. 

Say You’re Sorry

No friendship would be complete without the occasional fight. We don’t mean to, but sometimes we overreact or just act like a real brat to our best friend. Be the bigger person and show her that it’s okay if she’s Team Jacob (even though you still think that’s totally lame). Nothing says “I’m Sorry” quite like a vivid bunch of tulips or irises.

For No Reason at All

You never need a real reason to add a bit of sunshine to your friend’s day with a surprise flower delivery. The special people in our lives often just pop into our heads simply because. Maybe you want to remind your friend that she is a rare find – a one in a million best bud! Or maybe you just want to show your appreciation and trust in someone who’s stuck by you through thick and thin. Send yellow roses, irises, or geraniums to represent friendship, gladiolus or orchids for strength, or lily of the valley or Gerbera daisies for happiness. Your BFF is sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness no matter how you choose to show it.


It’s true that we at The Bouqs Co. believe there’s hardly an occasion that’s not appropriate for fresh cut flowers – which is why we’ve got sustainable flowers for every occasion! Stop by and see for yourself.

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