Florascopes: October 2020

Featured Image Florascope Oct 2020

Happy Libra Season!

Fascinated by balance and symmetry, your charm makes you the ideal peacemaker. This month you’re craving some alone-time to clarify what’s happening in your personal life. For best results, cozy up to your birthday Bouq — Autumn Skies!

Strengths: cooperative, diplomatic, fair-minded, social

Likes: the arts, talking, sharing, a good argument


Aries – Enjoy some alone-time and recharge‚ because soon it’ll be all eyes on you. Be bold. (Like we even needed to remind you.) Use some of your energy to get your space in tip-top shape!

Florascope Taurus Oct 2020

Taurus – You’re ready to take a chance on romance! Also, take time for two more things: 1, stress management, and, 2, check on those you may not have connected with recently.

Florascope Gemini Oct 2020

Gemini – You’ve been acclimating and it’s time for smooth sailing! Try setting intentions mid-month to help optimize your life. This month’s mantra? One day at a time.

Florascope Cancer Oct 2020

Cancer – This month, balance is key. Take the opportunity to focus on how to improve relationships and create healthy boundaries, and keep your emotions in check. Don’t forget to take time for fun!

Florascope Leo Oct2020

Leo – You’re carrying around a lot of weight on those shoulders. Give yourself space to process what’s happened this past year, and prepare to move forward in all your glory!

Florascope Virgo Oct 2020

Virgo – Prepare for a mix of exciting news, romance, and tough conversations. Stay present, and pleasant — and take that leap of faith! You’ve got this.

Florascope Libra Oct 2020

Libra – This month may have you realizing you jumped into something waay too quickly! Don’t fret — just take control and take care of your #1. (You!)

Florascope Scorpio Oct 2020

Scorpio – Be ready to focus your attention on the part of your life that needs it most. It’s a great month to recharge, and prepare for movement in the romance and/or business department(s) toward the end of the month!

Florascope Sagitarius Oct 2020

Sagittarius – You are in very high demand this month! (But when are you not?) Your energy is on high, but it’s important not to rush into anything. Try putting your creative energy to work, instead.

Florascope Capricorn Oct 2020

Capricorn – Momentum picks up this month — time to set those sights on success and how to get there. It may not be a seamless ride (chaos is NOT your favorite), but keep your spirits high. You’ll be on the upswing soon!

Forascope Aquarius Oct 2020

Aquarius – Nothing can bring you down this month! It’s actually the perfect time to be bold and take a risk or try something new. Technology may not be your best friend rn, though. Think twice before hitting send or unmute!

Florascope Pisces Oct 2020

Pisces – Pick a handful of people and projects and stay focused on what matters. If you haven’t gotten out much lately, it’s probably time to safely get back out there (or try something new, virtually!).

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