Florascopes: July 2020

Oh, hey, summer!

We aren’t sure how, but apparently it’s July 2020. As the sun moves into Cancer season, we’ll all be feeling our feelings a little bit extra this month. Lead with emotion. Pick up a new hobby! Show the people close to you how much you care.

Cancer: Fresh courage is here — this month is major! A shift in energy presents the blueprint, now build yourself from the ground up.


Leo: Two words: Self. Care. Meaningful alone time is key — and just the first step in channeling your inner power!


Virgo: Creative and romantic opportunities will arise toward the end of the month. Enjoy every minute — you’ve got this!


Libra: Focus on your career a little extra this month. Trust us, you will be recognized for all your efforts!


Scorpio: You’ve been working nonstop — chillax a little! This month is all about rest, tlc, and mental breakthroughs.


Sagittarius: Got unfinished business? It’s closure-time. Something way better is coming really, really soon.


Capricorn: Let go of what’s holding you back, and watch your independence take the spotlight!


Aquarius: You’re learning, you’re thriving, and you’re growing! Listen to your intuition.


Pisces: Creativity and energy are at an all-time high! Focus on a project you love.


Aries: Your hard work and dedication will pay off bigtime this month. Things are lookin’ up, up, up!


Taurus: Your mind is more clear and concentrated, but expect the unexpected!


Gemini: Whether you’re investing your mental energy in a project or a relationship — it’s definitely meant to be.

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