Florascopes: August 2020

Leo season has arrived! The sun will be in Leo until August 22, encouraging you to seek inspiration in unusual places — such as your everyday life.(!) Connect with your circles this month, and tune in to your creativity a little extra.

Leo: There’s a major increase in creative energy and you’re ready to take on the world! And guess what? The feeling is mutual.


Virgo: This is the month to get more in touch with what really matters to you. Even though it isn’t your usual style, you’ll enjoy taking your time.


Libra: Things might be feeling a bit heavy lately, so it’s important to practice self-care this month. Enjoy every minute! You deserve it.


Scorpio: There’s been a lot going on. Take this time to find a balance that works best, and let go of what’s holding you back.


Sagittarius: Practice patience this month. . . not everyone catches on as quickly as you. Challenge others, and yourself!


Capricorn: Time to find some breathing room! You’re craving extra headspace to think about what’s next. Hint: It’s going to be awesome.


Aquarius: Take advantage of the inspiration that’s coming your way. Revisit some old ideas that were on the backburner. Brainstorms ahead!


Pisces: You’re finding your purpose, and speaking from the heart this month will lead to really good things.


Aries: Hello, turning point. It’s up to you on how committed you are. Try to prioritize some time for your ideas each day.


Taurus: Home is where the heart is, and it’s good for the soul. Use this month to reach out to someone you care about.


Gemini: You’re an idea machine! You’ve got clarity, but staying gentle with those you’re trying to help will make you unstoppable.


Cancer: Things that are complicated? You’re over it. Make time to relax and recharge this month. Next month will lead to bigger plans!

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