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Celebrating Love: First Anniversary Date Ideas

Anniversary Ideas

Time flies! It seems like it was just yesterday when you and your significant other first met, and now you’ve reached that exciting milestone of being together for a year. Within that time, the two of you probably made a lot of special memories together. Maybe you decided that you were tired of eating at the same Thai restaurant, so now you both switched it up by going to a different spot every week. Or maybe you and your partner took a spontaneous road trip across the state just because! However you spent the last 365 days, your first anniversary is always something to celebrate.

Now comes the question of “how should we spend our very first anniversary together?” Sure, a romantic dinner has always been the tradition, but what if you want something a bit more creative? Worry no more! We’ve got you covered with unique ideas for a jam-packed anniversary date.


Couples’ Classes

For those lovebirds who just love the hands-on experience, taking a class could be the perfect way to craft something together while also just learning something new! Sometimes, it’s always nice to have a partner to attend a class with – even if it’s something that seems as simple as candle-making.

If you and your significant other are feeling a bit more bold, slip on some jazzy shoes and try out a ballroom or salsa dancing class. You’d be surprised how activities like this can bring the two of you closer together.

A Mini Staycation

Staycations are becoming every couple’s go-to retreat, and we totally get why. You’re away from home, but you’re also relaxing in the great indoors! But rather than staying in a hotel or a cabin in the woods, you should switch things up from the traditional staycation by renting out a tiny home! Not only are you supporting the tiny living movement by being more self-sufficient and being environmentally-conscious, you might find this experience quite rewarding!

While you and your partner are staying in a tiny house, the two of you could grow closer and closer (and not just because of the lack of space). This minimalistic way of living can help any couple appreciate the little things life has to offer!

Date in a Box

Maybe your anniversary falls on a busy day, but that’s totally okay! Dates don’t always have to be super fancy to be unique. The Datebox subscription service makes the perfect night in for all the busy bees out there. From couples’ scavenger hunts, sushi-making, and quick dance tutorials – there’s just so much packed into a box. The best part? It’s all curated to yours and your partner’s interests. Maybe you’re not a fan of sushi, or you have two left feet. The Datebox will take those all into consideration when sending you their pre-planned activities!

Harvest Season

Apples and berries are the popular choice when it comes to fruit-picking. But that shouldn’t stop you from stopping by some local farms or orchards to see what’s in season! Luckily, there’s a fruit for every season, which means you can go fruit-picking regardless of which season your anniversary falls under.

Competitive Streak

Unleash your competitive side and head out to a local arcade or carnival. You and your partner can duel it out with some fun games and top it off with some sweet rewards! Whoever loses this ring toss match can get dinner for the night.

As Always, Flowers

No anniversary is complete without a bouquet of flowers to top off the night! Whatever you choose to do on your date, what matters at the end of the day is the love the two of you share as a couple. And what better way to convey those sweet messages than a farm-fresh arrangement of flowers?

The Bouqs can help you with all your floral needs, as well as sending along some positivity to any of your loved ones. Let us be a part of your special day, whether it’s an anniversary, birthday, or more!

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