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Earth Day Celebrations: Global Edition

Earth Day Celebrations

It might be hard for some of us to believe it, but the earth works hard to keep us happy and alive every day! Plus, of course, we get the added perks of being surrounded by some of the most beautiful parts of nature: blooming flowers, green forests, running waters, and more.

This is why we celebrate Earth Day – to give back to our beautiful planet! Every year on April 22nd, people from across the world show some love to the earth with different festivities that reflect their unique culture. The holiday actually originated from here in the United States, when Senator Nelson of Wisconsin initiated the largest international environmental event after the 1969 oil spill in Santa Barbara, California. People to this day still gather to participate in wholesome Earth Day activities and treat our world with respect.

From throwing the biggest bash of the year to saving the elephants, find out how countries from all around the world celebrate Earth Day!



In the colorful city of Tokyo, Japan hosts their very own two-day Earth Day Festival annually. Not only is the event in Yoyogi Park free for all, the festival does a great job informing attendees how to go green and preserve the environment! People who drop by can find themselves enjoying multiple music performances, healthy food, and even shopping for organic products.

Best of all, you may be lucky enough to come across some representatives from well-established non-profit organizations to see how you can help make our earth greener by the day!


People in India recognize the importance of preserving the earth, which is why they’re all for the festivities surrounding Earth Day. This is how the country has come up with the Green Generation Campaign to not only encourage everyone to live a greener lifestyle but to also bring people out of poverty by creating sustainable jobs that can ultimately change the global education system in a green one – amazing!

The EDN have also made efforts to save endangered elephants from extinction by partnering with local leaders, lawyers, schools, elephant experts, and government officials.

United States

Dallas, Texas is home to one of the biggest Earth Day festivals in the world – EARTHx. Formally known as Earth Day Texas, EARTHx is a free, three-day festival that celebrates the earth for being so accommodating. The event features plenty of exhibits, hands-on learning seminars (like learning how to curate a sustainable garden), and other entertaining activities that promote going green, of course!


Every year since 2011, the U.S. Embassy in Switzerland has made efforts to celebrate Earth Day by working on certain initiatives to protect the environment. They’re organized activities such as making their grounds an official wildlife habitat, turning their oil tank into a rainwater collection tank, developing a pollinator-friendly landscaping system, and planting cherry trees that are native to Switzerland.

Lucky for the earth, the U.S. Embassy plans on continuing these green projects to give back to Mother Nature!


A party just for the earth? Count us in! Party for the People is an event held in Vancouver every year to celebrate . . . well, the earth, of course! The event hosts a variety of family-friendly performances, and in previous years, it also featured a climbing wall, a wild bird exhibit, road hockey games, and more. Not only is Party for the People fun for all ages, it gives community organizations an opportunity to promote the benefits of becoming environmentally conscious!


Needless to say, a lot of good comes from going green. You’d be helping the planet continue to flourish and offer many of its natural resources for years and years to come!

So how can you start? Fortunately, it can be as easy as saying goodbye to plasticware (that’s right, even the straws) and reusing or recycling as much as you can. You can also support local businesses that promote eco-friendly lifestyles – just like us!

The Bouqs doesn’t just deliver flowers straight to your door; our farm-fresh arrangements are sourced from reliable, eco-friendly farms to help support the green movement. We do our best to make your recipient happy with flowers that pop, without hurting the earth!

Don’t wait until Earth Day. Go green with us starting today – browse our collection to make anyone’s day!

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