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DIY Tip: Treat Your Mini Tree To A Rustic Holiday Makeover

Fresh Mini Christmas Tree

We get it – a tall, sprawling Christmas tree in the living room is the kind of greeting that we all love to come home to during the holiday season. But for smaller spaces, or for those who love to have holiday cheer all around your home, we have something fresh for you to enjoy: new, mini cedar Christmas trees that fit perfectly on your nightstand or coffee table.

Our new Tinsel tree is a fun way to treat yourself or a loved one during the holidays. We know you DIY’ers out there love to put your own personal spin on the holidays, so we’re going to show you ways you can get creative with our mini trees. Today’s post is focused on adding a rustic vibe to your mini tree.

Mini Christmas Tree With Ornaments

Suggested Materials

Small ornaments, wired ribbon, pine cones, spray paint


  • We recommend decorating your tree with ribbon first and leaving your hanging accents to the end. First, cut off about two feet of ribbon and wrap it around the base of the tree, leaving a few inches of space between the layers so that the fresh cedar is still exposed. We suggest using wired ribbon since it has sturdier edges that will wrap around the tree easier.
  • Next, add your ornaments! You can spray paint a few of them to add a variety of colors – we stuck with gold this time around to keep with the color scheme. We like to add height by spacing the ornaments at ascending levels that wrap around the tree. But don’t add too many ornaments – they may weigh down the cedar’s delicate branches.

Christmas Tree Ornament Prep

  • Finally, add more fun by placing a few holiday touches along the base of your tree! Try fresh pine cones, they will not only look great, but smell great, too!

That’s not all – we’ve got a few more decorating ideas up our sleeve, which we’ll be sharing with you all month long on this blog. And follow us on Instagram for more holiday inspiration.

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