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DIY Ranunculus Spa Bowl For Mom!

DIY Ranunculus Mother's Day

Mom wants just three things this Mother’s Day: rest, relaxation, and fresh flowers. This DIY ranunculus spa bowl combines all three! We love it because it is easy to make and is approved by moms everywhere. Here’s how you do it. First, order a ranunculus bouquet. Next, learn some interesting facts about ranunculus so you can impress Mom with some new trivia.


  • Clear round bowl
  • Shears
  • Ranunculus Bouq, such as ‘Unicorn’
  • Tea Lights


  1. Take your ranunculus Bouq and trim the stems down to the bud. Discard the stems but keep the flowers.
  2. Fill your bowl with water until it is mostly full.
  3. Place the ranunculus buds in the bowl along with the tea lights. You can also add in leaves and glitter, or other fun decorations!


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