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DIY Floral Suncatcher with Summer Flowers

DIY Floral Suncatcher

One of summer’s greatest pastimes is basking in the sun (after wearing a protective layer of SPF, of course!) There’s just so much more to enjoy when the skies are clear and the weather is just right for some outdoor fun.

But for all those wonderful homebodies out there who still want in on summer’s greatest treat, we know a way to bring some of that Vitamin D indoors – your very own floral suncatcher! Not only is it a beautiful, decorative addition to your living space, a suncatcher literally captures everything there is to love about the sun. That’s why we at The Bouqs Co. have decided to incorporate some of our favorite summer flowers into the mix to make you the ultimate suncatcher DIY expert!


Before we get started, here’s everything you will need (and we promise you, it doesn’t break the bank):

  • Clear contact paper
  • Embroidery hoops
  • Scissors
  • String for hanging from a well-lit window, or a suction cup to adhere to the glass
  • Flowers, of course (for this project, we’re using our very own sunflower bouquets)!

DIY Suncatcher Materials

Now, onto the steps – don’t worry, it’s simple:

1. Press the flowers from your Bouq underneath some heavy, heavy books for a couple days to ensure that they turn out flat.

2. Gather your newly pressed blooms and come up with a vision for the perfect suncatcher!

3. Trace out loose measurements using the embroidery hoops to get an idea of how many petals you can use.

DIY Suncatcher Step 3

4. Peel off the back of your contact paper, place your petals in the desired layout and press the other side of the contact paper on top of your design so it’s perfectly sealed in.

DIY Suncatcher Step 4

DIY Suncatcher Step 4 Continued

5. Place the finished contact paper within the embroidery hoop and cut the excess off.

DIY Suncatcher Step 5

DIY Suncatcher Step 5 Continued

And there you have it: the perfect floral suncatcher in all its summery glory! Who knew flowers and embroidery hoops could be the absolute best combo? Now you can hang one of these beauties up on a well-lit window and admire the way the sun rays hit your floral design.

DIY Suncatcher Finished

DIY Suncatcher Window

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