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Chicagoans, You Can Stop Settling For Ugly (And Overpriced) Flowers

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Dear residents of Chi Town,

Have you ever been in a time crunch to send someone flowers and settled for a cheesy bouquet of painfully overpriced flowers, just flowers because you had no other option?

Then you’ll want to read on.

We at The Bouqs Company (think beautiful, farm-direct flowers) have partnered with your local Chicagoan florists to bring you the freshest, most beautiful, and affordable bouquets you can possibly find in the great Chi-town!

Enter: The Bouqs Company Artisan Florist Collection.

We have a wide array of Bouqs hand-crafted by your local Artisan florists: whether you’re looking for something Modern Chic, Cute, Cutting Edge, or Bohemian, we have something for you.

Here’s what recent customers had to say…

Blooms from @thebouqs to get me through hump day!!
Beautiful blooms thanks to @thebouqs

So next time you forget your wife’s birthday, want to send Mom a sweet surprise, or simply need to order flowers on the fly, you can rest easy knowing the blooms you choose will be fresh, lively, and won’t break the bank. Did we mention we’ll deliver on-demand in less than 2 hours, with FREE shipping?! Oh yeah, that too.


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