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Celebrating Friendship Day With Our Office Furbabies

Office Furbabies National Friendship Day

One of the perks of joining the #Bouqsfam is our dog-friendly office space. Over time, our many office pups have mingled at the water cooler, on the porch, and at very important meetings. Naturally, these four-legged workaholics have become the best of friends, and we couldn’t leave them out as we celebrate National Friendship Day on August 4th!

Beau & Bear

American Eskimo and Papillion Chihuahua

Dog Best Friends


Beau’s bio: Beau, 47, the master of invading personal space. Struggles to get out of bed so he prefers to roll straight off. Only likes to horizontal run so he doesn’t sweat. Falls asleep during every movie. Needs precisely 5 minutes of belly rubbing time every hour to be content. Loves to sunbathe at the beach, but never brings a towel with him. A lover of all cooking shows and gets offended if you don’t eat his baked goods. Strong believer of zero waste and no food will ever goes to waste. 

Bear’s bio: Master of “the puppy face”, Bear can get anything from you without even having to ask. An effective communicator, he has created his own language of subtle whines and grunts to express his opinions. His motto is: the more the merrier, loving the company of humans, dogs and cats alike.

Get to know Beau better behind-the-scenes at @daysiemeetsworld, and be sure to catch up with Bear at @bearannefox.

Smush & Ellie

White Dogs That Are Friends

Dogs Hanging Out at Work

Smush’s bio: Full name is Smushy Bagels, but she’ll let you call her Smush. 8 years old but convinced she’s still a baby. New to the working world; big fan of the conference room. Native Texan. Lives for cuddles, ear scratchies, and whatever you’re currently eating. Twirls in circles for more water or sweet potato. Bashful and shy til midnight, then turns into a wild woman. Fearful of leaves, sneezes, and most other things. Recently discovered CBD oil. Special talent: itty bitty baby barks for attention.

Ellie’s bio: Ellie, “35” but really 47. Claims to be a free spirit but follows the crowd. Once put a filter on a filter on Instagram story. Goes to Zumba once a week. Is convinced that she is meant to be a full time housewife. Favorite song of all time is “Girls just want to have fun”. Buys different throw pillows to match the vibes for every season. She owns so many pillows, she lost count. She’s all about her Pumpkin Spice Lattes and is allergic to gluten most of the time. 

Catch up with Smush after work hours at @mushified, and you can follow more of Ellie’s sassy adventures at @daysiemeetsworld.

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