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How to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation Day

If you’re an employer (or you manage a team of hard-working people), you know that the employees you see on the daily deserve a shout-out for their work ethics every once in a while! That’s why holidays like Employee Appreciation Day provide the perfect opportunity to show some love back to everyone who contributed to your business’s overall success.

On the first Friday of March, Employee Appreciation Day is celebrated all across the nation. It was initially created back in 1995 by Bob Nelson, a founding Recognition Professional International board member, and he collaborated with Workman Publishing to make everything official.

The rest became history! Now, corporate offices and businesses – big or small – everywhere started planning celebrations to recognize the achievements of their employees. If you’re thinking of organizing something for all the rockstars in your office, we at The Bouqs Co. have a few ideas up our sleeves!


The Answer: Food

Did someone say chocolate fountain? Or catered tacos? Maybe even an espresso bar? That’s right – food has always been the answer when it comes to winning people over, and the perfect way to start or end a Friday.

Order a catered meal for your employees and maybe even bust out a beer cart! Bringing food into the office is one of the simplest and most classic ways of commending everyone in the office for all their hard work and dedication.

Winding Down

It’s almost common knowledge that sitting in an office for most of the day isn’t always the best for our overall posture. Not everyone has the time to get up often enough to loosen up some joints or just recharge somehow, especially during those busy days.

When it comes to winding down, massages are some of the best ways to help people feel a bit more relaxed and rejuvenated! Hiring a masseuse for a day to give your employees a well-deserved massage is probably the best reward at the end of the week.

Game On

Some friendly competition can be healthy in a work environment and ease a good amount of stress on your employees. If you feel like people in the office are up for a challenge, you could set up a few game consoles and give the workers an opportunity to battle it out with some fun games!

Lights, Cameras . . .

A classic way for any employer to show their appreciation to their hard-working employees is to declare an Employee of the Month, but if you feel like being all-inclusive for Employee Appreciation Day, opt for an entire photo wall of all your employees!

If you’re up for being a bit more crafty, bring in a personalized photobooth for all your employees to snap their own pictures for the wall. Provide a nice backdrop to make the whole occasion a more festive one!

Flashback Friday

Because Employee Appreciation Day falls on a Friday, the end of a work week for a lot of us, it’s only appropriate to finish it off with a bit of fun! Having a themed day can open up the opportunity for employees to let loose and be creative.

Flashback Friday is the perfect way to walk down memory lane and dress like your favorite era from the past! Whether you want to relive your old Myspace days or go back to being an early-2000s pop princess, hosting this themed day for your employees is the best for having fun in a work environment.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

The Bouqs Co. wants to make sure everyone who works hard feels appreciated, which is why we only offer the best blooms for all the rockstar employees out there!

Gifting flowers has always been the best way to convey any sort of positive feelings, and we think that every employer should commend the people they work with. A festive Bouq on an employee’s desk during Employee Appreciation Day says all the right things and more, brightening up any work space!

Don’t wait to show your team some love and shop from our colorful collection today!

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