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#Bouqsfam Spotlight: Get To Know Monthly Subscriber Melissa Remo

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We are proud to have so many friends and family in our #Bouqsfam. This special group consists of the many people who contribute to our mission, including our employees, farmers, florists, and of course you! Our dream to dramatically disrupt the floral industry wouldn’t be possible without your support for our service, and it brings us joy to get to know our fam on a more personal level.

This month, we’re kicking off our new #Bouqsfam Spotlight Series by sharing a bit about New York-based publicist and writer Melissa Remo. We first discovered Melissa after she tagged us in an Instagram post that announced she had signed up for our monthly flower delivery subscription service. We reached out to her to learn more, and discovered that there is a deeper meaning behind this act of self-love.


Melissa treated herself to to our monthly floral subscription as part of a self-care routine that she practices regularly. This routine includes massages, manicures, and our farm-fresh flowers. She finds that having fresh flowers in her home helps to ease her anxiety and remind her of the beauty of everyday life. She finds it therapeutic to receive fresh-cut and unarranged flowers that require a little DIY touch, which makes our unique farm-to-doorstep experience the perfect fit for her.

This love for flowers runs in the family. She says her mother is “the only person in the world who can always send me flowers I love.”


Melissa selected our flower delivery service over others because she loves the idea of supporting local farmers! Her message to the rest of the #Bouqsfam is to get out there and treat yourself, and to always be kind because you never know what someone else is going through.

We’ll be following Melissa’s advice by continuing to share kindness in our community, and to you. You can jump-start your own self-care journey by browsing all of our fresh-cut flowers on our website. Share your experience with us on Instagram and we may reach out to you for our next spotlight opportunity. 🌷

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