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Black Friday 2019 Survival Guide

Black Friday 2019

Black Friday 2019 is quickly approaching, and we know a lot of you are excited for the ultimate shopping spree of the year, but the holiday itself can seem pretty intimidating with all the hectic deals popping up left and right. But no worries, the Friday following the Thanksgiving holiday doesn’t have to be so nerve-wracking.

The Bouqs Co. is all about making sure you are all prepared for any exciting occasion, which is why we’re bringing you a guide on how you can survive this upcoming Black Friday!


Do your research

Look into all the stores you shop from frequently or even the stores you’ve been meaning to visit and find which ones have the best deals. Make sure you are also signed up for any loyalty programs beforehand to see if there are any deals catered exclusively for those purchasers!

Have an idea of what you want to bring home. Ideally, we would love to just be able to buy everything we want on the shelves, but we also want to be realistic (unfortunate, we know) when it comes to our time. Take note of some of the patterns with certain deals. Do they have the same 20% off sale every year, or do they like to switch it up? These are all good to keep in mind to make your shopping experience easier. Oh, and don’t forget to check your junk mail for any hidden gems!

Plan it out

Now based on all the wonderful research, it’s on to the fun part: planning it all out! It’s all about process of elimination at this point and prioritize what matters more to you – do you really need more eyeshadow when you have the same shade in your go-to palette?

Budgeting: a blessing but also a nightmare, but it must be done. Set aside an allocated budget dedicated entirely to shopping, and make sure you account for all the unplanned purchases you might make!

Also making a loose schedule might help you decide which stores to visit, especially when there are flash sales going on. This could mean picking a location in advance, so try looking into malls that have the stores you’re looking for!

It’s time to face the music

Throw on a pair of comfortable shoes before heading out and get ready to shop till you drop! If you’re going with friends or family and you all are running on different schedules, coordinate where to meet up after the shopping spree. But if you prefer riding solo, you might want to consider bringing along some headphones to drown out the hectic environment and help keep your eyes on the prize.

Also, don’t be too discouraged if some of the things you want run out of stock; you can always check online to see if the same deals apply, or you can wait till certain items are back in stock and/or on sale using Shoptagr!


We at The Bouqs Co. are just as excited about Black Friday deals as much as the next person, which is why we’d love to offer you some big savings on some of our own farm-fresh flower collection!

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