DIY Tips: Going Back to School with Mini Bouqs

Kids Holding Flowers

Saying hello to a new school year also means saying “so long” to summer friends. From camp counselors to babysitters, it’s always nice to show your gratitude for their care and investment in your young ones. If you’re searching for the right gift, Mini Bouqs are a great way to say thanks — and one order includes three Bouqs for those special folks who made summer so great!

Looking to put a creative spin on your Bouqs? Take your gratitude game to the next level by using a friendship bracelet as the ribbon. The craft brings in a personal element (that you can style!), and it’s a fun end-of-season activity to do with your kiddos before they head back to school. Plus, you’ll be teaching them the importance of giving back to the people who they’ll always look back and be thankful for (which we think is pretty special).

Watch the quick how-to video below and get making!

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  • Creative plant pots September 10, 2017 at 7:25 pm

    Take your gratitude game to the next level by using a friendship bracelet as the ribbon.